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Fall 2013 Outstanding Seniors

Outstanding Senior

The Department of Art and Art History is proud to announce the Outstanding Senior Award winners for our Fall 2013 graduating class. Each semester the faculty has an opportunity to nominate a graduating senior for the Outstanding Senior Award in each of the areas of concentration.


Art Certification

Kristy Rich


Josh Perry


Lizette Barrera


Linda Ostman


Casey Holder


Jan Chin

Visual Communication

Bailey Blanchone

Laurel Cabrera

Art History

Meagan Severson



Photography Faculty Scholarship

The senior photo faculty looks for continuing photography majors who show the most promise or who have realized a significant body of work. 

Daniel Miller



Barnett Foundation Photography Awards


The James S. Barnett Jr. Foundation was established in 1998 by Kyong Ju, Jesse and Mia Barnett as a memorial to their late husband and father, James S. Barnett Jr. James S. Barnett Jr. was a helicopter ambulance pilot who lost his life trying to save the victim of a car accident in 1993. The James S Barnett Jr. Foundation is a non-profit charitable foundation dedicated to enhancing the lives of people through religion, arts, education, science, and collaborative community projects. 


In support of The University of Texas at Arlington’s fine arts community, The James S. Barnett Jr. Foundation wishes to support and recognize visual artists and art historians enrolled at UTA through the Ideas in Art Awards annual competition. The intent of the Ideas in Art Awards competition is to encourage students to: Formulate and present project proposals in written and oral form to a panel of jurors Simulate the competitive environment of grant proposition Offer strong participants financial support for their creative endeavors.


Megan DeSoto

Casey Holder

Daniel Miller