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Hannah Hudson and NONSPACE

UTA MFA program alumna, Hannah Hudson, had her first show in New York this July, 4th weekend.  The show is presented by ‘A Slender Gamut‘ and is titled “NONSPACE”. Her work mainly utilizes sculpture, printmaking, photography, text, and installation. She has been shown in numerous galleries and experimental spaces in the Dallas area.

Artist Statement:

I am interested in exploring interior and exterior spaces along with the changing perceptions of actuality through viewing boxes with peepholes.

The idea of existing in a specific moment in a place and then existing again in the same place becomes very important – also examining the relationships created between seeing and reading when text is introduced to a space. The interaction involves both the commonalities and contrasts between seeing and reading that occur when a viewer experiences the text. The space dictates how the text changes depending on how the viewer might move through it.