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Loretta Gonzalez: Alumna in Printmaking


Alumna Loretta Gonzalez has been chosen to participate in this year’s group exhibition at La Luz de Jesus in Los Angeles, California. The gallery showcases mainly figurative, narrative paintings and unusual sculpture; the exhibitions are post-pop with content ranging from folk to outsider to religious to sexually deviant. The gallery's objective is to bring underground art and counter-culture to the masses. At the same time Loretta is also Exhibiting at The Hive Gallery in Los Angeles. Loretta is a full time teacher, mother, and artist. She looks fondly on her time at UTA and says, “The time I spent at the University of Texas at Arlington is where I learned discipline and the courage to express myself, without reserve.  Professor Marilyn Jolly was an inspiration during my college years, and continues to be a great supporter.”