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MFA Candidate Ryan Britton screening at the Boston LGBT Film Festival

MFA Candidate Ryan Britton has had his latest short film, "To Be Gray," Accepted for screening at the Boston LGBT Film Festival in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the Hill Country Film Festival, in Fredericksburg, Texas. Now finishing his second year, Ryan is busy preparing for his final thesis project. An accomplished designer and builder, Ryan has lent his talents as art director to numerous student films, two of which were chosen for screening in this year's Dallas International Film Festival along with his film, "To Be Gray."


Jacob has been wrestling with his peculiar identity. Belittled and misunderstood in the small-town community of which he lives, the thoughtful and persistent teenager typically finds refuge in the art of glass blowing. Now, a neighborhood friend named Kaylee returns home and is a bit surprised when Jacob quickly establishes their relationship in front of his older brother. Elliot, who has been studying at a seminary, begins scrutinizing Jacob’s well-being. Something seems awfully sketchy. In a desperate attempt to prove his normalcy, Jacob makes a move... in the riskiest way that he can imagine.

Hill Country Film Festival - Fredericksburg, TX

Showcase: Block 4 Shorts


Boston LGBT Film Festival - Cambridge, Massachusetts

Showcase: City Gay / Country Gay Shorts Program