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Art Education Students To Present At NAEA conference in Ft. Worth

Student Teachers, Silhouettes and Smartphones: An Exploration of Technology in Art Classrooms

Art + Art History students Erica Escalante, Brittany Crawford and Leah Benware have been accepted to present at the 2013 NAEA conference held in Ft. Worth. The NAEA National Convention is an annual conference providing substantive professional development services that include the advancement of knowledge in all sessions, events, and activities for the purpose of improving visual arts instruction in American schools. As such, it is the world's largest art education convention.

Escalante, Crawford and Benware implement a silhouette lesson involving technology to address students’ identity and understand differences in using and teaching technology in classrooms. They document their findings using smartphones.

Presentation Proposal

Advancing visual arts education to fulfill human potential and promote global understanding means integrating technology into the K-12 classroom. With that in mind, three student teachers formulate a technology and arts-based silhouette lesson, referencing Gura’s (2008), Visual Arts Units for All Levels to teach middle and high school students at each of their different student teaching placements. The lesson, based on the enduring idea of technology and identity, is the vehicle to understanding differences in using and teaching technology in K-12 classrooms. With the diversity of student teachers’ environments, student bodies, and equipment/supplies/resources available, they examine the outcomes of the different situations and document the process with handheld smartphones. The visual results shared in this presentation are an overall comparison of teaching this lesson by three different student teachers in three different school environments.