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Stephen Lapthisophon - Isolation, 2012

October 27 – November 18

131 Boerum Street  Brooklyn, NY 11206   #1C  

A Slender Gamut welcomes Stephen Lapthisophon.  Currently living and working in Dallas, Stephen will fly by airplane to New York on Thursday and grace us with his presence on Saturday evening.

Armed with thick thought and skim material, Lapthisophon touches down on our brains  like a ripe red beet meeting a porcelain plate.

“Before the exhibition I will mail a series of post cards and sealed envelopes to the exhibition space. They will serve as the basis for the installation in the space.

The piece consists of a collection of objects and events– in the space I will arrange the messages as remnants of a discussion (using a blackboard) about the nature of public and private in our time. In addition the piece will address the idea of seclusion and secrecy through the display of private, concealed messages and information.”