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The Fort Worth Drawing Center

UTA Alumni and Local artist Francisco Moreno, has launched the Fort Worth Drawing Center, a new digital and physical space with a mission to preserve and exhibit contemporary drawing. The FWDC is located in an the industrial district of Ft Worth, near the intersection of I-820 and Lancaster Ave., it will launched its inaugural show, Contemporary Drawing Today on January 27.

The exhibition will feature the work of 20 emerging and established artists whose work addresses the issue of traditional parameters concerning drawing in the present day. Works included will explore a variety of subjects and styles, with certain participating artists having created works that expand the customary criterion of drawing through unexpected mediums. This presentation of various works on paper, canvas, and through digital means, acts as a snapshot of the range of ways artists working today interpret the myriad of possibilities available in drawing today.

Contemporary Drawing Today is co-curated by FWDC founder Francisco Moreno and Kevin Rubén Jacobs, Exhibitions Manager of the Goss-Michael Foundation and Director of Oliver Francis Gallery in Dallas, TX. The exhibition will include works by the following artists:

Nieves Arozqueta
Linda Arredondo
Darja Bajagic
Katie Bell
Esteban del Valle
Hilary Doyle
Anthony Giannini
Judy Glantzman
Collin Hatton
Sedrick Huckaby
Marilyn Jolly
Cheon Lee
Michelle Mackey
Michael Mazurek
Michelle Rawlings
Abel Rodriguez
Josh Smith
Eli Walker
Bruce Wilhelm
Marianna Williams

An essay will accompany the exhibition from Alexander Unkovic, The McDermott Curatorial Intern for Contemporary Art at The Dallas Museum of Art.

The FWDC is located in the industrial district near the intersection of I-820 and Lancaster Ave., The Fort Worth Drawing Center is a physical and digital space for the preservation and exhibition of contemporary drawings in Fort Worth, TX.

Gallery hours are currently by appointment only.
For further information please contact Francisco Moreno