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Visiting Artist : Cauleen Smith

Cauleen Smith received her B.A. form the School of Creative Arts at San Francisco State University and her M.F.A. from UCLA School of Theater-Television-Film. For the past several years Cauleen Smith has produced multi-channel film and video installations that incorporate sculptural objects and text. Her interests roam from her roots in structuralist filmmaking to afro-futurist narrative strategies. Materials and form are central interests which are applied to projects as the project itself demands thereby making the body of Smith's work unpredictably varied and diverse. Smith is producing a series of films, objects, and events  (of which Fullness is a part) that explore the psychogeography of American cities in which the intersection of black cultural production and the urban landscape created significant and global musical innovation.

Recent projects include Washington Park Space Stations - two site specific immersive installations that invite psychedelic and bucolic contemplation. "17" is a series of hand screenprinted wallpapers which ruminate on sound. Black Utopia LP: a cauleen smith movie is double vinyl LP records accompanied by 35mm slides ruminating on history, science, and impossibility. Smith lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.