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Ya’ke Smith On His Idea Of ‘Cinematic Activism’

Ya’ke Smith is a name worthy of the respect from cinephiles whose addiction includes John Singleton’s Boyz N The Hood and Fernando Meirelles’ City of God

Since 2003, Smith has created a body of films whose strength lies in the moral and ethical struggle of flawed, broken characters portrayed without judgment or condescension. His view of an America cast to sea has stung audiences without riding the metaphorical high horse, garnering awards and acclaim from the Austin Film Festival, the Dallas International Film Festival and Cannes.

His previous film, Wolf, clutched the spine of North American festivals during its 2012 run, catapulted by a landmark showing at South by South West. The psychological drama concerns the taboo of sexual abuse in the Church and its effects on an estranged family while questioning the definition of ‘Predator’ and ‘Prey’. The film never points fingers at its character’s choices or motives. Instead it presents a gut punch of humanity that combats any notion of spectacle towards the content.

Smith’s next project, Heaven, is scheduled to commence production this fall. Standing strong in harsh reality, Heaven follows the mental dissipation of a teenage ballet dancer sold into sex trafficking. 

Two teaser trailers have been released via Facebook and continue to amass excitement from followers across the web. 

Running forward, Smith is eager to expand on his vision of a ‘Cinematic Activism’.

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