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Yoko Ono Fan Club

Yoko Ono Fan Club is conceived in the spirit of Fluxus, in the belief that absurdity, play, arbitrariness, and randomness (among other qualities) are forms of resistance to and negation of one-dimensionality–marked by an elevation of Reason above all–as described by Herbert Marcuse in One-Dimensional Man. While the text was published in the 1960s and the forces in play have evolved, we still believe the paths mentioned above to be viable and useful in the present day. In this spirit we invite works ranging from instructional texts, performance scores, proposals for happenings, performances, and the like, to more traditionally mediated though noless- subversive works, installations, so-called ‘new media’, interactive works of all sorts, as well as documentation, propositions, manifestos, papers, and any other sorts of cultural production that are in the spirit of this call for work and proposals.! Alison Starr's accepted works are: "31 actions: a book", and a video "Two Rolls Maybe More". Works will be exhibited at the Visual Studies Gallery at UB Art Gallery, Center for the Arts, Buffalo, NY.!