Updated on January 2012

Maverick Bike Program (Orange Bikes). The MBP Orange bikes are packages designed for people new to cycling. For $30.00, the MBP package includes an orange bike, helmet, bell, light set, and u-lock. Rental time is one whole semester, checked out during the first week of school, due the last week of school. All equipment is borrowed from the MBS and should be returned in the same condition. Students are responsible for the items. Any lost or damaged items will be charged to the MBP renter.

Maverick Bike Shop Rentals. Hourly, Daily, Weekly bike rentals are available at the MBS on RESERVATION ONLY. Rates start at $5.00 per hour, $10 per day, $20 per week. Mountain, Cruiser, Tandem, Tricycle, and Child Carriers are available for rent.

Sales. The MBS sells new and recycled bicycles. Recycled bicycles start at $60.00+. New bicycles can be viewed from our catalogue at the MBS. We also carry a variety of bicycle accessories to suit your riding style.

Repair. The MBS is a fully functioning, professional level bicycle repair shop. Reasonable prices help students keep their bicycles in good condition.