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Campus Opportunities

Campus Career Development Center

The Career Development Center  (this will be a link) provides services designed to prepare you for lifelong career success by:

  • Helping you discover and prepare for possible career paths,
  • Connecting you with employers and career opportunities,
  • Preparing you to present yourself well in order to compete for the opportunities you seek, and
  • Helping you develop the skills that will allow you to succeed in your professional goals now and in the future.

Visit or contact the Career Development Center to learn how we can assist you, no matter where you are on your career path!

Outside Opportunities

AIMBE Scholars Program

The AIMBE Scholars Program consist of one-year immersion experiences in the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) within the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

Whitaker International Program

The Whitaker International Program sends emerging leaders in U.S. biomedical engineering overseas to undertake a self-designed project that will enhance their careers within the field.  


AEROTEK Biomedical Engineering Job Opportunity 

For additional information please see the attached flyer.

Alcon Internship 

Alcon’s Research and Development group offers an internship program that runs from May to August and spans three R&D centers in Fort Worth, TX, Lake Forest CA, and Duluth, GA. As an intern, you will gain practical experience while contributing to the search for new and innovative treatments for eye diseases. The R&D Internship Program is a paid, 40-hour per week program, designed to connect talented students to surgical, medical device, and vision care research and development. Please see the Alcon Internship Flyer.

Quest Medical, Inc. Hiring Engineering CO-OP

Quest Medical, Inc. develops and manufactures sterile medical devices for a variety of medical markets.  A position is now available for an R&D Engineering Co-OP to provide technical support to the engineering staff and perform independent projects under mentorship of engineering personnel.  Please see the Quest position posting

Siemens Health 

Siemens U.S. offers Internship Programs, Development and Technical Training Programs and direct hire opportunities for qualified students and recent graduates. For additional information please click on the following links: Entry level and Internships Programs and/or Professional Opportunities.

Career Path

Many job opportunities are most commonly found in fields such as cellular, tissue, genetic, clinical, and rehabilitation engineering. Additionally, there are opportunities within the fields of bioinstrumentation, biomaterials, biomechanics, drug design and delivery, medical imaging, orthopedic surgery, pharmaceuticals, and systems physiology. To find out more about the bioengineering career pathway, please visit

Become a Certified Texas Educator

Alternative certification programs (ACP’s) offer a nontraditional route to certification that may allow you to teach while completing the requirements.  For additional information, please visit