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Faculty Directory

Core Faculty

Dr. George AlexandrakisDr. George Alexandrakis | Faculty profile
Associate Professor
Biomedical engineering, physics, optical tomography, high resolution microscopy

Dr. Khosrow BehbehaniDr. Khosrow Behbehani | Faculty profile
Dean of Engineering and Professor
Respiratory and anesthesia device design and analysis, microprocessor-based control design for biomedical systems, computer modeling of biomedical systems

Dr. Cheng-Jen ChuongDr. Cheng-Jen Chuong | Faculty profile
Professor and Undergraduate Advisor
Computational biomechanics, modeling cancer cell migration, medical devices and vascular stents

Dr. Digant DavéDr. Digant Davé | Faculty profile
Associate Professor
Biomedical optics

Dr. Yi HongDr. Yi Hong | Faculty profile
Assistant Professor
Biomaterials, tissue engineering, medical devices and drug delivery

Dr. Young-tae KimDr. Young-tae Kim | Faculty profile
Associate Professor
Neural engineering

Dr. Hanli LiuDr. Hanli Liu | Faculty profile
Medical instrumentation and imaging, minimally invasive and non-invasive spectroscopy and imaging of tissue, optical diffuse imaging for cancer prognosis and brain activities

Dr. Kytai NguyenDr. Kytai Nguyen | Faculty profile
Associate Professor and Graduate Advisor
Drug delivery, tissue engineering

Dr. Ashwin NairDr. Ashwin Nair | Faculty profile
Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Advisor

Dr. Baohong YuanDr. Baohong Yuan | Faculty profile
Associate Professor
Physics and biomedical engineering, biomedical acoustic and optical imaging

Dr. Liping TangDr. Liping Tang | Faculty profile
Interim Chair and Professor
Translational regenerative medicine

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Robert C. EberhartDr. Robert C. Eberhart | Faculty profile
Professor Emeritus
Artifical organs, fluid mechanics, biomaterials, biomaterials evaluation

Dr. Alfred PotvinDr. Alfred Potvin
Professor Emeritus and Founding Director of the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Christopher T. ChenDr. Christopher T. Chen | Faculty profile
Adjunct Professor
Biomaterials, Mechanics and Tissue Engineering Track

Dr. Debabrata SahaDr. Debabrata Shaha | Faculty profile
Adjunct Professor
Radiation Oncology

Dr. Chi-Chun TsaiDr. Chi-Chun Tsai
Adjunct Professor
Biomaterials, Biocompatibility, Tissue Engineering in Cardiovascular, Urology and Ophthalmology