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Medical Imaging

This area of study involves the application of imaging principles, i.e., optical, ultrasound, radiological, and magnetic resonance imaging, for the visualization of the anatomy and physiological function of a variety of biological systems, such as the brain and the heart, for clinical purposes such as diagnosing disease or monitoring treatment outcomes for cancer and other diseases and for medical science research.

Research Faculty in this area:

Dr. George AlexandrakisDr. George Alexandrakis | Faculty profile
Associate Professor
Functional brain imaging with near-infrared light Quantitative high resolution microscopy methods

Dr. Digant DavéDr. Digant Davé | Faculty profile
Associate Professor
Faculty Profile:  Biomedical optics, Optical Coherence Tomography, Label-free molecular sensing

Dr. Hanli LiuDr. Hanli Liu | Faculty profile
Faculty Profile: Medical instrumentation and imaging
Minimally invasive and non-invasive spectroscopy and imaging of tissue, optical diffuse imaging for cancer prognosis and brain activity monitoring

Dr. Baohong YuanDr. Baohong Yuan | Faculty profile
Assistant Professor
Faculty Profile:  Biomedical acoustic and optical imaging; ultrasound-mediated fluorescence optical techniques for tumor structural, functional, molecular and genomic imaging