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Ph.D. Student Wins Greenovation Contest

Benjamin Johnston, a PhD student studying biomedical engineering won the Texas Greenovation Contest, an annual competition aimed at inspiring students, entrepreneurs and business owners to identify green business ideas.

The Texas Greenovation Contest is part of a national Greenovation program spearheaded by IMC, Inc., a state and federally funded organization supporting growth in manufacturers based in Williamsport, PA.

Johnson earned first place with his idea for a microbial fuel tube. His concept breaks down organic waste cast out by food processing companies, waste water treatment plants, and others. The concept helps reduce waste and lessen the impact on the environment with membrane and photovoltaic technologies. Additionally, the hydrogen bi-product of the process could be used to power equipment within an organization. The event was sponsored by the University of Texas at Arlington, the Small Business Development Center for Enterprise Excellence and TMAC.