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BE's Nguyen Recognized by Tarrant County Commissioners Court

Dr. Kytai Nguyen was presented with the Resolution of Commendation Recognition by the Tarrant County Commissioners Court on February 18, 2014, for her extraordinary accomplishments in the field of bioengineering and in honor of her merit in academic and personal excellence for her outstanding research in cellular engineering, tissue engineering and micro/nanoparticles as controlled drug delivery systems as well as her achievements as principle investigator in research of a nanoparticle drug-delivery system designed to encourage lung growth and function after partial lung removal or destructive lung disease. The Commissioners Court of Tarrant County expressed the importance of this research because, other than transplantation, there is no present cure for most destructive lung diseases, and Dr. Nguyen's aim in research is to lead to a better quality of life for those suffering from partial lung removal.

Nguyen was also recognized for her exemplary mentoring of students, extensive grant awards from agencies such as NIH, AHA and DOD, her many published peer-reviewed articles, and for her collaborative efforts with other researchers on several projects. The Commissioners Court of Tarrant County extended their support and encouragement for women to pursue academic and personal excellence akin to Dr. Nguyen's remarkable achievements.