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UTSW Recruiting PhD Students This Summer

UT Southwestern Medical Center is looking to recruit PhD students to complete their research rotation in medical imaging and other biomedical engineering areas as early as this summer. If you are a Biomedical Engineering student with 3-4 years remaining for your degree (you must have completed two full semesters to be eligible) and you intend on completing your PhD thesis at UTSW and you are in good academic standing, please fill out an application from the link below. Hard copies of the application are also available in the Bioengineering administration office located in the Engineering Research Building (ERB) Room# 226. Please return completed applications to the Bioengineering administration office no later than May 9.

A selected number of applications with good academic credentials and research experience will be forwarded to UTSW and circulated among UTSW faculty. Their faculty may arrange a meeting with the candidate directly for further review.

Please note: Students must have their own transportation to UTSW. Please leave the Social Security Number portion on the form blank, as the information is not needed at this time. Recruitment is for PhD students only.

Thank you for your cooperation and interest in this significant opportunity!