Graduate Program

The Genome Biology Group (GBG) Faculty welcome applications to the Ph.D. program in Quantitative Biology in the Biology Department at UT Arlington.

The department offers three distinct research tracks within the Ph.D. program, allowing you to choose a Ph.D. emphasis in either (1) Genome Biology & Genetics, (2) Ecology & Systematics, or (3) Microbiology and Molecular Biology. GBG Faculty interests span the three tracks.

If you are a student interested in Genome Biology, please see our webpage for details about the research carried out in the different laboratories. We would like every prospective student to identify one or two GBG faculty as potential sponsors and to contact those individuals to discuss research interests and open positions in their labs. 

Application Process
Once a faculty sponsor has agreed to support your application, you will need to apply online to the Graduate School. We accept students in the Fall and Spring of each year. Biology needs your applications earlier than the Graduate School deadlines in order to reserve Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA) for the upcoming year. Follow these deadlines:

                               Spring 2014
                               U.S. Citizens: September 30, 2013
                               International/Residents: September 15, 2013

                               Fall 2014
                               All applicants: January 10, 2014

        1. Complete the online application at Office of Graduate Studies. International students: if your transcript is not in English, you will need to provide an official copy in your language as well as a copy translated in English.

        2. Have three letters of recommendation to: Graduate Advisor, Department of Biology, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX 76019-0498.

        3. Send a letter of intent to the Graduate Program Assistant (gloria(at) The letter of intent needs to include:
                  A. A statement indicating that you are seeking a Ph.D degree.
                  B. A statement that you are interested in the Genome Biology track.
                  C. The name of the faculty member that will supervise your dissertation.
                  D. A brief statement of your research interests.

        4. Keep in contact with the Graduate Program Assistant (gloria(at), the Graduate Advisor (Dr. Michael Roner; roner(at), and your prospective supervisor to check the status of your application.