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May 2013: Heather Bass won Outstanding Student Employee (a university-wide award) and graduated with her bachelor's degree! She also received graduate support through the UTA AUGMENTS program and will stay in the lab as a master's student in Environmental Science.

Spring 2013: Laura was promoted to Full Professor and was co-author on a paper in Nature.

Spring 2013: Ashley Asmus' presentation at UTA ACES (Annual Celebration of Excellence by Students) based on her Summer 2012 research in Alaska won best Graduate Student Presentation and a Sustainability award.

October 2012: Jennie McLaren returns to Canada for a second postdoc and then successfully lands a job! She will be joining the faculty at University of Texas-El Paso in January 2014!

May 2012: Ashley Asmus begins her studies in the Gough lab by flying straight to Alaska and confronting snowmelt. Ashley recently completed her undergraduate degree at UT Austin. We look forward to hearing all about her exciting summer when she officially starts the Ph.D. program in the fall.

May 2012: Matt Rich and Jayme Walton successfully defended their masters theses—way to go!

Spring 2012: Brittany Stricklin passed her comprehensive exam and is now a Ph.D. candidate.

.Fall 2010: Several new graduate students join the lab: Michelle Green (Ph.D., interested in urban ecology), Brittany Stricklin (Ph.D., co-advised by Dr. Jim Grover, interested in GIS applications in urban ecology), and James Pharr (Ph.D., co-advised by Dr. Woo-suk Chang, interested in plant-microbe symbioses). Welcome!

Fall 2010: Jayme Walton, a masters student in the lab, received a fellowship from Luminant Energy to examine the turtle and frog communities in ponds on reclaimed mine land in North Texas. The fellowship provides a stipend and research support for two years. Congratulations, Jayme!

April 2010: Jennie McLaren joins the lab as a postdoctoral scientist working on the biotic awakening project in Alaska. Jennie recently completed her Ph.D. at the University of British Columbia working with Roy Turkington, and holds a M.S. from the University of Toronto where she worked with Bob Jefferies. Welcome, Jennie!

January 2010: Matt Rich joins the lab as a masters student working on the new Alaskan songbird project. Matt comes from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

August 2009: Laura returns to UT Arlington after spending one year as a Program Director in the Ecology Program at NSF.

May 2009: Carol Moulton successfully defends her M.S. Congratulations, Carol!

Description: Spring 2009: Laura has an article about field work and being a mother published in the LTER newsletter





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