Recent Publications

Sistla, S.A., J.C. Moore, R.T. Simpson, L. Gough, G.R. Shaver and J.P. Schimel. 2013. Twenty years of tundra warming restructures plant and soil communities without changing overall soil carbon pools. Nature. doi:10.1038/nature12129

Heskel, M., H. Greaves, A. Kornfeld, L. Gough, O.K. Atkin, M.H. Turnbull, G.R. Shaver and K.L. Griffin. 2013. Differential physiological responses to environmental change promote woody shrub expansion. Ecology and Evolution. DOI: 10.1002/ece3.525

Rich, M.E., L. Gough, and N.T. Boelman. 2013. Arctic arthropod assemblages in habitats of differing shrub dominance. Ecography. DOI: 10.1111/j.1600-0587.2012.00078.x

Johnson, D.R. and L. Gough. 2013. Two arctic tundra graminoids differ in tolerance to herbivory when grown with added soil nutrients. Botany 91:82-90.

Kornfeld, A., M. Heskel, O.K. Atkin, L. Gough, K.L. Griffin, T.W. Horton, and M.H. Turnbull. 2013. Respiratory flexibility and efficiency are affected by simulated global change in arctic plants. New Phytologist 197:1161-1172.

Rout, M.E., L. Gough, W.K. Smith and T.H. Chrzanowski. 2013. Impacts of an invasive grass, Sorghum halepense, on native tallgrass prairie: the role of allelopathy. Biological Invasions 15: 327-339. DOI 10.1007/s10530-012-0289-7.

Gough, L., J.C. Moore, G.R. Shaver, R.T. Simpson, and D.R. Johnson. 2012. Above- and belowground responses of arctic tundra ecosystems to altered soil nutrients and mammalian herbivory. Ecology 93:1683-1694.

Gough, L., K.L. Gross, E.E. Cleland, C.M. Clark, S.L. Collins, K.N. Suding, J.E. Fargione, and S.C. Pennings. 2012. Incorporating clonal growth form clarifies the role of plant height in response to nitrogen addition. Oecologia 169:1053-1062.

Watson, C.M. and L. Gough. 2012. The role of temperature in determining distributions and coexistence of three species of Plestiodon. Journal of Thermal Biology 37:374-379.

Moulton, C.A and L. Gough. 2011. Effects of soil nutrient availability on the role of sexual reproduction in an Alaskan tundra plant community. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 43: 612-620.

Cleland, E.E., C.M. Clark, S.L. Collins, J.E. Fargione, L. Gough, K.L. Gross, S.C. Pennings, and K.N. Suding. 2011. Patterns of trait convergence and divergence among native and exotic species in herbaceous plant communities are not modified by nitrogen enrichment. Journal of Ecology 99: 1327-1338.

Boelman, N.T., L. Gough, J. McLaren and H. Greaves. 2011. Does NDVI reflect variation in the structural attributes associated with increasing shrub dominance in arctic tundra? Environmental Research Letters 6:03550; doi: 10.1088/1748-9326/6/3/035501.

Cherry, J.A. and L. Gough. 2009. Trade-offs in plant responses to herbivory influence trophic routes of production in a freshwater wetland. Oecologia 161: 549-557. PDF

Wookey, P.A., R. Aerts, R.D. Bardgett, F. Baptist, K.A. Bråthen, H. Cornelissen, L. Gough, I. Hartley, D. Hopkins, S. Lavorel, S.F. Oberbauer, G.R. Shaver, and CAT-B Participants. 2009. Climate change-induced feedback mechanisms drive ecosystem responses in a greening Arctic. Global Change Biology 15: 1153-1172. PDF

Collins, S.L., K.N. Suding, E.E. Cleland, M. Batty, S.C. Pennings, K.L. Gross, J.B. Grace, L. Gough, J.E. Fargione, and C.M. Clark. 2008. Rank clocks and plant community dynamics. Ecology 89: 3534-3541.

Cleland, E.E., C.M. Clark, S.L. Collins, J.E. Fargione, L. Gough, K.L. Gross, D.L. Milchunas, S.V. Pennings, W.D. Bowman, I.C. Burke, W.K. Lauenroth, G.P. Robertson, J.C. Simpson, G.D. Tilman, and K.N. Suding. 2008. Species responses to nitrogen fertilization in herbaceous plant communities, and associated species traits. Ecology 89:1175 .

Gough, L., K. Shrestha, D.R. Johnson, and B. Moon. 2008. Long-term mammalian herbivory and nutrient addition alter lichen community structure in Alaskan dry heath tundra. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 40:65-73.

Clark, C.M., E.E. Cleland, S.L. Collins, J.E. Fargione, L. Gough, K.L. Gross, S.C. Pennings, K.N. Suding, and J.B. Grace. 2007. Environmental and plant community determinants of species loss following nitrogen enrichment. Ecology Letters 10:596-607.

Wildová, R., L. Gough, T. Herben, C. Hershock and D.E. Goldberg. 2007. Architectural and growth traits differ in effects on performance of clonal plants: an analysis using a field-parameterized simulation model. Oikos 116:836-852.

Gough, L., E.A. Ramsey, and D.R. Johnson. 2007. Plant-herbivore interactions in Alaskan arctic tundra change with soil nutrient availability. Oikos 116:407-418.

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Gough, L. 2006. Neighbor effects on germination, survival, and growth in two arctic tundra plant communities. Ecography 29:44-56.


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