Research Interests

       I am a plant community ecologist whose research focuses on the factors that control species composition in herbaceous systems that are mostly dominated by clonal plants. I use population-level and ecosystem-level approaches to understand how plant species diversity is determined and how community structure affects ecosystem function, incorporating both top-down and bottom-up interactions. My past research has explored the relationship between species richness and productivity, patterns of species diversity across abiotic gradients, the role of clonality in plant community structure, and responses of plant communities to experimental manipulation of both biotic and abiotic factors. I have conducted these studies in coastal marshes, inland fens, tallgrass prairie, and arctic tundra. The links below describe recent and current research activities in my laboratory in more detail.

Controls over plant species richness in arctic tundra

Testing above-ground and belowground trophic interactions in arctic tundra

Increased soil nutrients cause a “biotic awakening” of arctic tundra soils

Determining how increased shrubbiness in the Arctic is affecting migratory songbird success

Invasive species and management of Texas tallgrass prairie

Water resource issues in the Trinity River basin, North Texas

Meta-analysis of LTER fertilization experiments



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