Graduate Programs
The Department of Biology at the University of Texas Arlington (UTA) is an exciting place to do research and to earn your advanced degree. The research faculty are dynamic, vibrant, good natured and successful. We use cutting edge techniques and equipment to answer questions at the forefront of human knowledge. We offer a Master of Science degree in biology and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in quantitative biology with research emphasis in Genome Biology & Genetics, Ecology & Systematics, or Microbiology.

Ph.D. Program

A Student in the Doctoral Program will follow one of the three core tracks, Genome Biology and Genetics, Ecology and Systematics, or Microbiology, depending on their research interest.

Master's Program

The Master of Science program is designed to prepare students to pursue careers in research science, industry, and government.

Graduate Advisors
Sean Christensen
Dr. Shawn Christensen
Associate Professor
Room 333
Engineering Reseach Bldg.
Phone: 817-272-0520
Current Ph. D. and
MS Thesis Students

Paul Chippindale Dr. Paul Chippindale
Graduate Advisor
Room 440A
Life Science Bldg.
Phone 817-272-2703
MS Non-Thesis Students
Chang Woo-Suk CHANG, Woo-Suk
Associate Professor
AREA: Environmental Microbiology and Plant-Microbe Interactions
Office: 233 LS
PHONE: 817-272-3280
Prospective Students
Graduate Program Assistant
Gloria Burlingham Gloria Burlingham
Graduate Program Assistant
Room 337
Life Science Building
Phone: 817-272-2875