How to Apply

Ph.D. Program

How to Apply

First, read the general instructions for applying to the graduate program and download the checklists available on the Office of Graduate Studies webpage: grad.uta.edu/prospective/apply/howto

The list below contains additional information requested by the Biology Department.

TARGET DATES for receipt of completed applications to be considered for assistantships:

U.S. Citizens

September 30, 2013 for Spring 2014
January 10, 2014 for Fall 2015

International and Resident Aliens

September 15, 2013 for Spring 2014
January 10, 2014 for Fall 2015

Questions? Contact the Graduate Program Assistant: Mrs. Gloria Burlingham, 817-272-2875 (phone), 817-272-9722 (FAX), gloria@uta.edu

1. Application, Scores, and Transcripts: Apply on-line through the UT Arlington Office of Graduate Studies: http://grad.uta.edu/prospective/apply/howto. As instructed, have your GRE scores and official transcripts sent directly to the Office of Graduate Studies. If you are an international student, you will also need to have exam scores demonstrating English proficiency sent directly to the Office of Graduate Studies. See the webpage above for more information.

2. Letters of Recommendation: Have three letters of recommendation sent directly to the Biology Department: Graduate Advisor, Department of Biology, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX 76019-0498. Ideally one or two letters should come from professors or instructors who can speak to your academic abilities, and the others may come from employers or other individuals who can comment on your work ethic and potential for graduate study. You may send letters or use the .pdf form available through the Office of Graduate Studies: http://grad.uta.edu/resources/pdf/Request_Recommendation.pdf.

3. Letter of Intent: Please e-mail a Letter of Intent to the Graduate Program Assistant (gloria@uta.edu) and include the following information:

a) Indicate that you are seeking the Ph.D. degree.

b) Tell us which research track you are interested in: Genomic Biology, Ecology and Evolution, or Microbiology and Molecular Biology

c) Provide names of the faculty member(s) whom you hope will supervise your dissertation, and if you are interested in a lab rotation

Your letter will be forwarded to the faculty members you indicate, but you should also contact those individuals directly to determine if s/he is taking new students and has the resources to support your research. Please see [insert web address where we’ll be indicating who is research active] for more information on individual faculty.

Checking the status of your application: Please contact the Biology Graduate Program Assistant (contact information at the top of this page) to determine the status of your application.

Biology Graduate Handbook: The Biology Graduate Handbook is updated annually and contains most of the information you may be seeking regarding our program. Graduate Advisor: Dr. Michael R. Roner, roner@uta.edu, 817-272-5570 (phone), 817-272-9722 (FAX)