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Pursuit of knowledge through scientific study has been the cornerstone of human accomplishment throughout history. The University of Texas at Arlington College of Science has a tradition of outstanding programs in biology, chemistry and biochemistry, earth and environmental sciences, mathematics, physics and psychology, which are the foundation of the emergence of UT Arlington as a nationally prominent research institution.

The faculty and staff of the College of Science are committed to the students and their quest for excellence in education and scholarship while dedicated to serving the various science-dependent elements of the local, state, national and global community.


New faculty, an increased emphasis on research, and an expanding curriculum have combined to make the College of Science one of the fastest growing academic areas on campus. Its enrollment now totals over 3,200 students, with over 500 students at the graduate level.

Students pursue a variety of degree options, including accelerated offerings such as the five-year B.S. in biology/M.B.A. in biomedical sciences management and seven-year options leading to medical and dental degrees. Fueled by the college’s growth, research initiatives are flourishing.

The Department of Biology strives to develop research projects in contemporaneous issues such as genetics, ecology, microbiology and other areas, while offering exciting opportunities for our graduate and undergraduate students to achieve excellence. The department aims to maintain a diverse group of scientists recognized for outstanding teaching and research. We maintain cutting-edge core facilities to support a wide array of research projects. We aim to provide high-quality training and mentoring to help prepare students for careers in academia, medicine, research, industry, teaching and other research fields.

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