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News about the Lab!

March Madness Awards

March 2014 -  Luis won the 2014 Department of Biology Undergraduate Research Award!

March 2014
- Luis won the 2014 Undergraduate Sustainability Award for his research presentation
                                        at ACES (Annual Celebration of Excellence by Students).

February 2014 -  New ISME J publication about Fungi communities in the Amazon. Congratulations to                                                                                                         Becki Mueller!

February 2014 Luis won the 2014 ASM Travel Award to the General Meeting in Boston.

January 2014 - Applied and Enviromental Microbiology Cover! Again!!!!

AEM Cover 2014

September 2013 - New publication on free-living diazotrophs from the Amazon rainforest.
August 2013
- We welcome Elisa and Fabio. They are Visiting PhD students from Brazil.
April 2013
- TEDx UTA talk. Video will be here soon! "I'm holding 10,000 species in my hand!"

April 2013 - Jantiya is now Dr. Isanapong! Congrats Nok on your well deserved Ph.D and a new
                         publication about Verrucomicrobia in termites! 
Isanapong et al. 2013. The ISME Journal.
                         Lost and lots of hard working hours in the lab!

February 2013 - We participated on the American Academy of Microbiology Colloquium on Training the
                                    Microbiologist of the Future!

February 2013 - We welcome Min-Ken Liao from Furman University! She is very active in
                                    Undergraduate Education and is visiting the lab for two weeks to share information on                                     hands-on experience in research.

January 2013 - A new publication about the Amazon Rainforest: Rodrigues et al. 2013. Proc. Natl. Acad.
                                     Sci. USA. This publication has been highlighted in
                                    Science, Nature Microbiology Reviews, National Public Radio, and Discovery News,  
                                     among many science blogs.


December 2012 - We welcome the visiting PhD student Nit! She has been working on the expression of a    
                                phage endolysin.

October 2012
- A new publication in collaboration with Dr. Lora Hooper from UT Southwestern.
                           Duerkop et al. 2012. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA
October 2012
- Our own Sealy Hambright got married! If you do not believe, take a look at the picture below.                                  Congratulations to Sealy and Heather on their exciting Journey together.
September 2012 - We welcome the visiting PhD student Acacio! He is from Brazil and interested in the fate of phylum Acidobacteria after forest to pasture conversion in the Amazon.
August 2012
- We welcome the newest member to our lab, Wadud!
August 2012
- A new publication from our lab: Mirza and Rodrigues. 2012. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. Good job,                             Babur!
April 2012
- A new publication from our lab: Isanapong et al. 2012. J. Bacteriol. Way to go Jantiya!
April 2012 - We welcome the newest member to our lab. We welcome baby Maha! Congratulations Babur!!!!
March 2012
- A new publication on Verrucomicrobia: Wertz et al. 2012. Appl. Environ. Microbiol.

December 2011
- We welcome the visiting student Fon , from Khon Kaen University, Thailand, to the lab. She will be working on characterizing Burkholderia isolates from Thailand.
November 2011
- Lots of exciting news in November: 1. Jantiya received honorable mention at the Texas Branch American Society for Microbiology. We got lots of compliments for her wonderful poster. 2. Malini received the Utley Graduate Fellowship for her outstanding grades. Thank you the the Utley family! 3. Our lab was selected for a DOE/JGI grant for sequencing the metagenome of the Amazon Rainforest. 1 Tbase of sequencing!
September 2011 - We welcome the new PhD student Malini Kotak to the lab.
August 2011
- Our work was selected as cover for Applied and Environmental Microbiology!
July 2011 - We welcome Dr. Cristine Barreto to the lab.
June 2011
- Noom and Lita joined our lab. Welcome to both of you!
April 2011
- Jantiya received the very prestigious award from the UTA Earth and Environmental Sciences PhD Program as Outstanding Graduate Student for 2011. Way to go, Jantiya!
April 2011
- We would like to congratulate Nam and Soontorn for the arrival of their very handsome baby boy Isaac!
April 2011
- Neda and Yen made again the Dean's list. You guys make us all look bad (or good)! Our congratulations!
March 2011
- Sealy Hambright was accepted as a Ph.D. student at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio. Congratulations!

Nov 2010 - Aditya Hanjan defended his Master's Thesis! He presented very exciting results regarding the diversity of Verrucomicrobia in the Amazon Forest. His Guidance Committee was impressed with a lot of work he did! We wish you the best, Adi!

Nov 2010 - Sealy Hambright defended his Master's Thesis! His Guidance Committee was very pleased with his skills and in depth discussion of his results. Congratulations, Sealy!

July 2010 - Lab on the news! We made cover of the UTA research magazine "Inquiry" about our research on termite symbionts. (Press the magazine name if you want to read more about it)

July 2010 - Austin Willis is now a Master! Austin passed his Thesis defense with flying collors. Way to go!
July 2010 - We had a chance to teach a workshop in Brazil: "Biodiversity and Conservation in the Tropics".
June 2010 - American Society for Microbiology award for the International Professorship to visit and teach in Ecuador. Here, we go Galapagos!
June 2010 - We welcome the visiting Ph.D. student Fabiana Paula to the laboratory. She comes from the Pellizari Lab (Oceanographic Institute, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil). She will be working on functional analysis of the Amazon Forest soils.
June 2010 - We welcome the Ph.D. student Megha Bajaj to the laboratory! She has been working on competition experiments among Shewanella strains.
Apr 2010 - Congratulations to Yen, Neda, and Bogar! They received the College of Science Excellence Award. You guys make the entire lab. proud of you!
Apr 2010 - We welcome Dr. Atcha Boonmee to the laboratory. She is a visiting professor from Khon Kaen University, Thailand. She is interested in cellulose degradation and biotechnology.
Mar 2010 - Congratulations to Sealy Hambright who received the prestigeous American Society for Microbiology Travel Award. He will have a poster presentation during the 110th General Meeting in San Diego, CA this Summer.

Dec 2009 - We welcome Dr. Babur Mirza to the laboratory. He is very interested in Biological Nitrogen Fixation in soils and will be working with Amazon soils.
Dec 2009 - Department of Energy-Joint Genome Institute grant! Genome sequencing of four termite associated Verrucomicrobia, strain TAV1, TAV3, TAV4, and TAV5.
Nov 2009 - Congratulations to Sealy Hambright who received Honorable Mention for his presentation at the Texas Branch ASM Meeting!
Jun 2009 - Department of Energy-Joint Genome Institute grant! Genome closure of the termite associated Verrucomicrobium, strain TAV2. Apr 2008 - Cover of the Applied and Environmental Microbiology!

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