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Create a Group Set

Students can be placed in groups to allow them to work together. A group set allows you to create multiple groups at once. Students can be added randomly, manually or self-enroll. In this example, we will create a single group using random enrollment.

QUICK STEPS: Creating a Group Set Using Random Enrollment

1. Within your course, select the Groups link on the Course Menu.

Click the Create Group Set button and select Random Enroll from the drop-down list.

Click Create Group Set, then select Random Enroll

(Optional) Enter a Group Name and Description.

NOTE: The groups will be numbered when they are created so there is no need to enter a number in this step (e.g. if you enter Group as the name and create 3 groups they will be named “Group 1”, “Group 2” and “Group 3”).

Enter Group Name and Description

2. Select the tools that will be available to the group. You can make tools unavailable by deselecting the checkbox.

NOTE: If you select a graded journal, blog, or wiki, a column will be created in the grade center.

Select Tools

3. Select either the number of groups you want created or the number of members per group. Select an option for how any outlying students are placed into a group.

4. Click the Submit button.

Options for selecting groups

5. A set of groups will be created based on the criteria you selected.

A set of Groups in a table