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Create a SafeAssignment

SafeAssignments have been integrated with regular assignments, so you can now choose to make a regular assignment run through the plagiarism checker of SafeAssign simply by adding some additional options on the assignment creation page.

QUICK STEPS: Creating SafeAssignments in a Content Area

1. In a Content Area, point to Assessments to access the drop-down list and select Assignment.

Point to Assessments, then select Assignment.

2. On the Create Assignment page, type a Name.

(Optional) Type Instructions for the Assignment. Format the text with the Text Editor, if you want.

3. Attach a file using Browse My Computer.

(Optional) Type a Link Name.

Type a name for the assignment. Attach a file using Browse My Computer.

4. Type Points Possible. (NOTE: it is recommended to set everything to 100 points if you use a weighted grading method). (Optional) Add a Rubric.

Screen image showing entering grading options
5. To enable SafeAssign, check the option in the Plagiarism Tools section of the Submission Details section.  You can choose to allow students to see the originality report. screen image showing how to enable a safeassignment
5. Set the availability dates in the Availability section, and then click Submit to save your changes. screen image showing how to set availability dates