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Create a Single Group

Students can be placed in groups to allow them to work together. Students can be added manually or self-enroll. In this example, we will create a single group using manual enrollment.

QUICK STEPS: Creating a Single Group Using Manual Enrollment

1. Within your course, select the Groups link on the course menu.

2. Click the Create Single Group button and select Manual Enroll from the drop-down list.

screen image showing list of available courses

(Optional) Enter a Group Name and description.

screen image showing the browse form for selecting the course to copy

3. Select the tools that will be available to the group. You can make tools unavailable by deselecting the checkbox.

NOTE: If you select a graded journal, blog, or wiki, a column will be created in the grade center.

screen image showing list of available courses

4. Select the names of the students whom you wish to be a part of the group (hold the Ctrl key to select multiple names at once). Click the middle button to move the student names to the Selected Items box.

5. Click the Submit button.

screen image showing the drop-down menu for selecting packages