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Grade Center Column Organization

Grade Center columns can be reordered, shown, hidden, and categorized within Column Organization.

QUICK STEPS: Accessing Column Organization

1. Scroll down to the Control Panel and select Grade Center.

screen image showing list of available courses

2. Click the Full Grade Center option from the drop-down list.

screen image showing the drop-down menu for selecting packages

3. Click the Manage drop-down list and select Column Organization.

Click Manage, then select Column Organization

3. The Column Organization page will display.

  • To reorder: hover your cursor over the crosshairs to the left of the column name and drag and drop to the desired location
  • To Show/hide: select the checkbox and click the Show/Hide button
  • To change categories: select the checkbox and click the Change Category to… button
Column Organization page

5. Click the Submit button to save changes.

Click Submit to save changes.