Learning About Blackboard

Learning About Blackboard

Training Workshops

CDE offers two series of Blackboard workshops: Essentials and Comprehensive. Essentials are single, 2-hour workshops which cover specific topics such as communication tools or assessments and the grade center. Comprehensive is a 4-day series of workshops (meets for 2 hours each day) which starts with the basics and works up to more advanced topics. The workshops are held continuously throughout the semester. Please check our Training Workshops Calendar for upcoming course dates.

How To…

Need step-by-step instructions on various Blackboard functions? The How To… pages cover topics such as uploading your syllabus, creating an assignment, creating a test, creating e-mail rules in Outlook, and more. Download the manuals to your computer for future reference or view them for one-time assistance.

On-Demand Videos

View Blackboard-created OnDemand Videos for a quick reference guide to Blackboard functions.