Managing Your Course

Managing Your Course

Each semester, refer to this list to manage primary functions within your course.

Upload Syllabus and Files

Uploading your syllabus is essentially the same steps as uploading any files within Blackboard. Learn to Upload Your Syllabus and Manage Other Files within your course or the My Files directory.

Adding Media with Kaltura

The Kaltura Video tool within Blackboard will enable you to upload video files to your courses and not use valuable space in your Blackboard course. This tool allows for larger file uploads and enhanced streaming video to students. Additionally, you will be able to capture your own video files using Kaltura. From within your Blackboard course you have the options to use:

Students are able to use the Kaltura Mashup tool within assignments, discussion boards, etc.

Course Duplication

Rather than uploading new files and creating new assignments and  each semester, Blackboard allows you to Duplicate Materials and Blackboard course structure (blogs, discussions, tests,) from one course shell to another. You can transfer a course from one semester to the next, or transfer one course into multiple sections. There are two methods for moving materials: Course Copy or Export/Import.

Make Your Course Available

You may Make Your Course Available to students up to one week prior to the official start date of the session.

Section Merge

If you would like to combine multiple sections into one course shell, you will need to request a Section Merge.

Shadow Instructor Request

If you would like to add shadow instructors to your course, please see the Shadow Instructor Request page.

Student Group Work

Course Groups, Blackboard IM, and Social Learning Tools are ideal methods for promoting group work within your Blackboard course. See Student Group Work for information.