Managing Your Course


ProctorU is an online proctoring service. It uses video-based web conferencing with two-way remote access to provide a live, online proctor for students to take exams online.  The University of Texas at Arlington has integrated ProctorU with Blackboard.  Students can now schedule proctoring through the Blackboard course, and faculty can send exams to ProctorU from the course shell.

Follow the links below for instructions on how to use ProctorU, technical requirements, and more:

How it Works - Video Demo

Technical Requirements

Test Taker Handout

Instructor Handout

Remember to add the ProctorU tool link to your course menu so that students can schedule their proctoring sessions.

ProctorU provides 24/7 support for both students and instructors.

Phone: 855-772-8678


ProctorU Tips

  • ProctorU is incompatible with Respondus Lockdown Browser: Respondus Lockdown Browser requires all other programs be shut down befrore entering the exam.  ProctorU uses a two-way remote access program and a video conference tool for the proctor to watch the student and log them into the test.
  • Remember to put a link in the course menu to the ProctorU student tools so students can schedule the sessions.
  • Any exam or test sent to ProctorU must have a password on it.
  • Each student pays for their own proctoring sessions, per session.  All payment occurs on ProctorU's website and goes to ProctorU.  The fee structure is based on an hourly rate.

Exams for Student with Disabilities

If you have a student who has regsiterd with the Office for Student with Disabilties and requires extra time on an exam, email or to have the student's account flagged so they will not be charged for extra time.  Include the following in your email:

    • Student's ProctorU account name (not the Blackboard username)
    • Student's full name
    • Course name, number and section number
    • Name of the exam
    • Instructor's full name

Fee Schedule

The below fee schedule is for student-pay ProctorU services.  Please note: These prices are set by ProctorU and subject to change without prior notification. 

0-30 minutes:             $8.75

31-60 minutes:           $17.50

61-120 minutes:         $25.00

121-180 minutes:       $33.75

181 minutes and up:  $42.50

Premium charges:

Take it Soon (Within 72 hours) $5.00 (additional)

Take It Now (Within 1 hour) $8.75 (additional)