Student Group Work

Group work is often utilized in the traditional classroom but can also be incorporated online. Blackboard offers several tools that promote student collaboration online.

Course Groups

The Groups tool allows you to segment students within a course. Within the groups students are able to communicate with other group members via e-mail, discussion boards, or blogs and work together on projects via assignments, wiki pages, and file exchange. Groups can be created individually or within a set and membership can be added manually, randomly, or through self-enroll.

Blackboard Instant Messaging

Blackboard Instant Messenger (Blackboard IM) enables students to instantly connect with classmates.  Students can communicate in pairs or small groups. Bb IM supports text-based chat, video and audio, document sharing, and more. You can direct your students to Blackboard Instant Messaging for instructions on downloading and setting up an account.

Social Learning Tools

The new Social Learning Tools allows students to create a profile, follow other Blackboard users, and create Spaces for group collaboration. Students will be able to create posts within their profile that followers can view and comment on. The Spaces tool allows a group discussion similar to Facebook. Students can create on their own “space” and allow others to join.