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Blackboard Instant Messaging

Blackboard Collaborate's instant messaging tool (Blackboard IM) enables registered users to instantly connect with classmates and instructors by working with Blackboard to automatically populate a list of that user’s courses and classmates. Beyond regular chat tools, you may also use the whiteboard for study groups, to participate in your instructor’s online office hours, ask an instructor a question, video chat with classmates or colleagues, and much more. 


For instructions on how to chat, group chat, start office hours, launch Web Conferencing, and more, visit the Blackboard Collaborate On Demand Learning Center for Instant Messaging.


All Blackboard IM support issues should be reported directly to Blackboard Collaborate Technical Support. The Center for Distance Education and UTA Help Desk CANNOT assist with login issues.

QUICK STEPS: Downloading and creating an account for Blackboard IM

1. After logging in to Blackboard, locate the Blackboard IM module at the bottom middle of the My Blackboard tab. Click the Get Blackboard IM link.

Link to Get Blackboard IM

2. A new tab will display the Blackboard IM Sign Up page. On this page, a suggested Blackboard IM ID will be auto-generated.

Blackboard IM Sign Up Page

NOTE: Your Blackboard IM ID is NOT linked to your UTA NetID and password. However, the auto-generated ID may be set as the same characters as your NetID, if it has not already been taken. You have the option to create a different ID if you choose.

3. Your E-mail address will also already be auto-populated. You will be prompted to confirm your E-mail address, enter a password, create a security question, and agree to terms. Once this is complete, click Submit.

Create Your Blackboard IM Account

4. Your Account and Course Settings will display.

  1. By default, Blackboard IM is set to connect to any new courses. You may deselect this option if desired.
  2. Deselect any courses you do not wish to appear within your Blackboard IM.
Course Settings for Blackboard IM

5. Click the Download Blackboard IM button at the top of the page.

Button to Download Blackboard IM

6. Click Save File.

Save Downloaded File

7. Click the Save button to allow Blackboard IM to download.

Click Save Button to Allow File Download

8. Once the BlackboardIMSetup.exe file has been saved, double-click the file to allow Blackboard IM to install on your computer.

Double-click  BlackboardIMSetup.exe

9. After the Blackboard IM has completed the installation, you will be prompted to select a default language. Click OK.

Select a Language

10. The Blackboard IM Setup Wizard will display. Click Next to continue.

Start the Blackboard IM Setup Wizard

11. The License Agreement will display. Click I Agree to continue.

License Agreement

12. Select whether or not you would like a Desktop Shortcut and/or Quicklaunch Shortcut to install and click Next to continue.

Choose Components to Install

13. Click Browse if you would like to change the download Destination Folder and/or click Install to continue.

Choose Install Location

14. Click Finish to complete the installation.

Completing the Setup Wizard

15. Blackboard IM window will display. Enter your ID and password, select settings as wanted, and click Sign In to connect.

Blackboard IM Sign In Window

16. Once you have signed in, you will see a tab that lists all the courses that you selected on the settings page. Beneath each course, you will find a list of participants within that course.

List of Courses in Blackboard IM