Your Blackboard Course

Course Problems

Having an issue inside your course?

  1. System Configuration: Ensure you have a compatible browser installed on your computer.
  2. Java Download: Ensure you are using the correct version of Java.
  3. Common Technical Problems: Review a list of common technical problems students experience.
  4. Clear Your Cache and Browsing History: Clearing out old data may resolve display issues.
  5. Still having issues? Contact your instructor.

Most issues inside a course can be resolved by the instructor and instructors need to be aware of any problems students are experiencing in their course(s).  If the instructor cannot resolve the issue, he/she will contact the Center for Distance Education (CDE) for assistance.  CDE will not enter into courses without an instructor's request.

Upon the instructor's request, CDE will work directly with the instructor and/or the student to resolve the issue.

For all other issues please e-mail