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How to Setup or Change Your Direct Deposit Online

  1. Go to UT DIRECT website:

  2. Log on with your UT EID and Password (Contact Payroll Services if you do not have a password)

  3. Click on Paycheck Profile (Under Related Categories and Services on the right)

  4. Click on My Paycheck Distribution (Under the Navigation Menu on the left)

  5. Choose Direct Deposit and check Go Paperless for electronic earnings

  6. Click the Update button at the bottom of the page

  7. Click on My Bank Info (Under the Navigation Menu on the left)

  8. Enter your account number and the ACH routing number

  9. Select the type of account (Checking or Savings)

  10. For reimbursement or refund payments, under EFT section, click the Make Same as Paycheck button or fill in different bank information if desired.

  11. Click the I Authorize button at the bottom of the page

PLEASE NOTE: If you are making a change during a payroll process, you will receive a message in GREEN print regarding the effective date of your change. Contact Payroll Services at (817) 272-5426 if you have any questions or need assistance.