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Reference Materials

Note: Training resources are only available to UT Arlington employees with a valid Net ID and Password. You will be required to login to view or print materials.

Handbook for Administrative and Support Staff

The Handbook for Administrative and Support Staff provides an overall guide to the University as a workplace and to procedures and policies that apply to administrative and support staff. This booklet describes services provided by 1) the Office of Finance and Administration 2) the Office of Human Resources, 3) and other offices that are resources for problem-solving.

Basic Information in *DEFINE

*DEFINE provides administrative and support staff with access to Accounting, Budget, Payroll and Human Resources related information. It is an acronym for DEpartmental Financial Information Network.

Electronic Documents in *DEFINE

Electronic Documents are used to perform a variety of tasks, such as generate payments, request reports, setup a new employee, etc… Documents are created an approved using commands in *DEFINE. To create an Electronic document you must have the appropriate authorization.

GMM – General Account Information in *DEFINE

The GMM module contains menus that provide specific information about your accounting records. Each menu contains a letter that suggests its general purpose. For example, the GBM menu contains “B”alance information, while the GTM menu contains “T”ransaction information.

YMM - Your Personal Module in *DEFINE

The YMM module allows you to keep track of documents sent to you, your personal profiles, security, reports and user information. The information is tied to your user ID, therefore you can only view or update your information.

Statement of Account and Account Reconciliation

What is the Statement of Account? The Statement of Account (SOA) is an official listing of accounting transactions posted to an account.

UT Direct - Employee Services

UT Direct is a customizable university portal that contains information based on your UT EID. The University of Texas Electronic Identifier offers a range of services to help you manage your payroll, human resource and employee benefits information.