Welcome from Chandra Subramaniam, Interim Dean

Dr. Chandra Subramaniam
Dr. Chandra Subramaniam

Welcome and thank you for visiting The University of Texas at Arlington’s College of Business. It is a great time to be in the College of Business as we continue to receive national recognition for our programs and faculty.

The CEO Magazine (2017) ranks both the MBA and EMBA programs as Tier 1 programs. In fact, CEO Magazine also ranked the EMBA as #18 nationally and #1 in Texas. US New and World Report (2017) ranks our undergraduate program at #82 nationally among public universities. Tax Talent (2017) ranks the MS in Taxation at #10 in the nation. Military Times (2017) also ranks us as one of the Top 50 Business Schools in the nation for veterans. As a public institution, we are also affordable and our students graduate with little debt as ranked by US News and World Report (2016). These are but some of the accolades we have received, which highlights the quality education you will be receiving at the College of Business.

The recognitions above is providing the college more visibility among students, alumni and potential students as we observe significant growth in the number of students interested in business. We grew by about 9% last year and we expect to grow by another 8-9% again this year in both headcount and student credit hours.

Indeed this success is made possible by many talented and engaged faculty who bring expertise and research to enhance student learning, an extensive network of 40,000 successful and passionate alumni, students, industry partners, and friends. Our outstanding faculty generously work with the students to not only impart business knowledge but also prepare students, for problem solving, critical thinking, communication, and understanding technology. Our alumni and corporate partners work with us to inspire, nurture and create a great learning experience for our students who will positively impact our society.

So whether you are a current or potential student, or a parent, alumnus, business professional, or interested visitor, I encourage you to browse our wide range of AACSB-accredited educational programs (in business and accounting), get to know our excellent faculty and staff. We invite you to join a team of individuals dedicated to prepare you for a successful career in business.

Best Regards


Dr. Chandra Subramaniam
Interim Dean, College of Business