Pursue the Future of Business at UT Arlington

The business world is changing rapidly. Business research and education must evolve to ensure that today’s graduates are prepared for tomorrow’s marketplace. As both a dean and a professor, I seek to understand what the business world will look like in the future. My objective is to ensure that our research illuminates the future, and that our education prepares our students for that future.     Dean CrosonDean Rachel Croson

What we do here at the College of Business will set the course for the future of business.

We are prepared for the challenge. With a highly productive faculty, the College of Business is distinguished for its research and innovative educational programs. The vast majority of our faculty has both a Ph.D. and years of experience in the business world. They publish in the world’s most respected academic journals. The courses they teach integrate this academic knowledge with their business experience to train future leaders.

Teeming with inquisitive, diverse students—nearly 50 percent represent ethnic minority groups and other countries—our “Business Mavericks” bring their own unique and valuable perspectives to the College of Business. More than 5,700 students pursue our challenging and highly relevant degree programs each year. Our more than 40,000 graduates are flourishing in the business world as executives, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and game-changers. They know where business is headed, and are prepared to lead it to the future.

Together, we are part of a thriving institution that has earned an elite level of accreditation achieved by less than five percent of all business schools worldwide. We buck the current trend and create our own. We are proud to be Business Mavericks.

Under my leadership, the College of Business will focus on the evolution of our programs to meet the needs of the future. We will enhance our reputation on the foundation of nearly 50 years of academic excellence. We will provide our students with an outstanding educational experience and we will also develop the new knowledge and competencies necessary for them to be leaders for tomorrow.

Join our community of Business Mavericks as we pursue the future of business.

Warm regards,

Rachel Croson