UTA Business Building

Fall 2016 College of Business Dean’s List

To be named to the Dean’s List, the following must be met:

  • Must be a Business undergraduate
  • Earned at least a 3.5 GPA during the Fall 2016 semester
  • Enrolled in at least 12 credit hours during the Fall 2016 semester

An asterick (*) indicates achievement of 4.0 GPA this Fall 2016 semester.

David Abad (Business Intended) Kendall Llera (Management & Marketing)
Mira Acharya (Information Systems) Kenneth Loh (Accounting)*
Hugo Adame (Finance) Jaime Lopez (Finance)
Taylor Adams (Information Systems) Valeria Lopez Perez (Business Intended)
Bikash Adhikari (Information Systems)* Melanie Louv (Business Intended)*
D'Vonte Aery (Marketing) Philip Lovato (Management)
Hanan Afzal (Business Intended) Krystal Loya Aragonez (Int'l Business/French)
Alaeddine Agha (Pre-Business)* Shannon Lucas (Accounting)
Ruby Aguayo (Finance)* Kelsey Luff (Pre-Business)*
Arleth Aguilar (Pre-Business)* Christian Lugo (Operations Management)
Stacy Aguilera (Business Intended) Parker Lunsford (Int'l Business/Spanish)
Sandra Aguirre (Management)* Erica Ly (Business Intended)
Imad Ahmed (Accounting & Finance) Myrna Madrid (Accounting)*
Sabah Ahmed (Information Systems)* Raja Maharjan (Information Systems)*
Rashid Al Attili (Accounting & Finance)* Ashok Mainali (Information Systems)
Husain Al Maskati (Finance) Derrick Majchszak (Management)
Aileen Alcivar (Business Intended) Anurag Malwade (Int'l Business/German)*
Saily Alcivar (Accounting & Finance)* Daryll Maneja (Business Intended)
Matthew Alenius (Business Intended)* Luke Manthuruthil (Accounting)
Leila Aljadael (Management) Peter Markarian (Business Intended)
Wared Al-rousan (Business Intended) Jordan Marr (Accounting & Finance)*
Angelica Alvear (Business Intended)* Alexander Martin (Finance)
Melissa Amador (Pre-Business) Garret Martin (Management & Marketing)
Jonathan Anantaphathanawong (Business Intended)* Israel Martinez (Management)*
Brooke Anderson (Management) Norma Martinez (Management)
Jordan Anderson (Int'l Business/German) Yvette Martinez (Finance)*
Jose Andrade (Information Systems) Yuri Martinez Vega (Int'l Business/Spanish)
Gilberto Arevalo De La Garza (Business Intended) Chere Mason (Marketing)*
Lauren Armendarez (Accounting) Shivam Masters (Finance)*
Mario Armendariz (Information Systems) Jenifer Mata (Business Intended)
Daniel Armengol (Economics & Finance) Dakota Mathers (Accounting)*
Shivam Arora (Accounting & Finance)* Ashley Mathew (Business Intended)
Rebecca Ashley (Pre-Business) Benjamin Mayorga (Business Intended)
Mahad Asim (Management & Marketing) Collin Mccann (Business Intended)*
Cynthia Avelar (Accounting) John Mcclain (Business Intended)*
Christian Avila (Finance)* Johna McCormick (Marketing)
Jacob Ayres (Finance) Matt Mccoy (Accounting)
Priyag Babaria (Finance) Matthew McDonald (Finance)
Salma Badeh (Business Intended)* John McGee (Real Estate)
Jonathan Balaban (Business Intended) Austin Mclaughlin (Accounting)*
Bhawani Baniya (Accounting) Suraj Mehta (Accounting)*
Jiban Baral (Information Systems) Kelsey Meloy (Marketing)*
Samone Barnes (Management) Hamza Memon (Finance)
Hailey Barton (Economics) Saul Mendez (Management)
Mohammad Bashir (Accounting)* Elizabeth Mendoza (Management)
Michael Batts (Management & Marketing) Pablo Mendoza (Business Intended)*
Daniel Beevers (Pre-Business) Humza Meraj (Business Intended)
Matthew Bell (Management)* Jose Mier (Economics)
Taliana Bell (Pre-Business) Laraib Mir (Pre-Business)
Michael Bencic (Management & Marketing) Alondra Miranda (Pre-Business)
Itzel Benitez Hernandez (Business Intended) Clay Mitchell (Accounting)
Warren Benjamin (Accounting)* Hannah Mitrea (Management & Marketing)*
John Bergeron (Business Intended) Navadha Modha (Management)
Dilon Bhakta (Accounting) Graciela Monjaras (Economics & Finance)
Chance Billingsley (Business Intended) Joaquin Monjaras (Management & Marketing)*
Luis Blanco (Information Systems) Gerardo Montes Rascon (Management)
Nathanael Blinn (Pre-Business) Garrett Moore (Pre-Business)
Noah Bloom (Business Intended) Kevin Moore (Business Intended)
Margaret Borton (Management) Kristin Moore (Management & Marketing)*
Trent Brazell (Accounting) Razeena Moosa (Pre-Business)
Alan Breedlove (Pre-Business)* Rebecca Mora (Accounting)
Brittany Brinegar (Marketing)* Ava Moreno (Pre-Business)
Cameron Brogdon (Accounting) Courtney Morrison (Business Intended)*
Zain Brohi (Information Systems) Zakary Morrow (Economics & Finance)
Chaneal Brooks (Business Intended)* Drew Mowrey (Economics & Finance)
Nicholas Brotherton (Information Systems) Wahib Muhammad (Pre-Business)*
Jonathan Brown (Management) Mario Muniesa (Economics & Finance)*
Travis Brown (Management & Marketing) Daniel Murphy (Marketing)*
Hao Bui (Business Intended) Kristian Murra Kapon (Finance & Management)
Linh Bui (Finance) Rasid Mustafic (Accounting & Finance)
Thuy Bui (Accounting & Finance)* Vaibhavi Nagar (Business Intended)
Wali Buns (Business Intended) Christopher Nakagawa (Pre-Business)*
Brianna Burchianti (Business Intended) Mayomi Nanayakkara (Accounting)
Rachel Burkhart (Accounting) Tatenda Ndlovu (Business Intended)
Jason Burson (Pre-Business) Kaitlin Nelson (Accounting)*
Nicolle Busto (Management & Marketing)* Gary Newcomer (Business Intended)
Nancy Cabrera (Int'l Business/Spanish) Priscilla Ngita (Accounting & Finance)
Giovanna Calvillo (Marketing)* Aaron Nguyen (Information Systems)
Alan Cao (Accounting & Information Systems) Bryan Nguyen (Information Systems)
Alexander Cao (Pre-Business) Chloe Nguyen (Management & Marketing)
Eliza Cardenas (Business Intended) Eric Nguyen (Business Intended)
Sadie Carithers (Business Intended)* Francis Nguyen (Accounting & Finance)*
Luis Carranza (Management & Marketing) Kevin Nguyen (Pre-Business)
Danielle Cassidy (Business Intended) Mackenzie Nguyen (Accounting)
Abel Castro (Accounting) Ngan Nguyen (Management & Marketing)*
Ashley Castro (Economics) Ngan Thi Kim Nguyen (Finance)
Claudia Cavazos (Accounting) Phuc Nguyen (Finance)
Ramiro Cazares (Int'l Business/German) Thuy Nguyen (Business Intended)
Jossue Cervantes Torres (Information Systems)* Tram Nguyen (Accounting)
Elizabeth Chaides Rojas (Business Intended) Truc Nguyen (Pre-Business)
Komal Chand (Information Systems) Tuan Nguyen (Accounting & Finance)*
Adam Charles (Finance) Vy Nguyen (Pre-Business)
Viviana Chavez (Management & Marketing) Callum Northedge (Business Intended)*
Joseph Chedid (Information Systems) Daniela Nunez (Business Intended)
Sanjari Chelawat (Accounting & Finance)* Jamila Obied (Finance)
Kai Chen (Accounting & Finance) Yesenia Olivas (Management & Marketing)
Tim Cheng (Business Intended) Grant Olson (Business Intended)
Holly Cheshire (Business Intended) William Olson (Economics & Finance)*
Kelvin Chim (Information Systems)* Antonia Oniel (Operations Management)
Collin Chitwood (Real Estate) Jake Orcutt (Information Systems)*
Minhye Choi (Business Intended)* Grayson Ostand (Business Intended)*
Daysi Christopher (Management) Shaima Ahmed Abdulqawi Othman (Economics & Finance)
Nikesh Chudal (Information Systems)* John Overath (Economics)*
Johnnie Cisneros (Business Intended) John Overton IV (Pre-Business)
Hope Clark (Accounting)* Paul Pacheco (Accounting)*
Tony Clark (Finance) Maria Padilla (Marketing)
Christine Clay (Economics & Finance) Maria Padron (Business Intended)
Christopher Clouthier (Business Intended) Ashish Pandey (Information Systems)*
Cody Coats (Pre-Business) Nisan Panthi (Information Systems)
Mark Cohoon (Management)* Michael Parga (Business Intended)
Ciera Collins (Business Intended) Kelly Parsons (Pre-Business)
Jeremy Collins (Accounting)* Bhavin Patel (Management)
Michael Collins (Business Intended) Parit Patel (Accounting)
Julio Colon-Gonzalez (Accounting) Ravi Patel (Finance)*
Frank Cortez (Accounting) Bindhu Pathakota (Pre-Business)
Chelsea Coulter (Pre-Business) Ashley Patten (Accounting)*
Michael Crawford (Accounting)* Marion Peeschla (Finance)
Nieshea Crow (Management & Marketing)* Nathaniel Pena-Alfaro (Business Intended)
Eduardo Cruz (Economics & Finance) Brian Perez (Information Systems)*
Zabdi Cuellar (Management) Christopher Perez (Accounting & Finance)
Kymbra-shea Currey (Accounting)) Jose Perez (Accounting & Finance)
Loan-Lisa Dang (Business Intended) Alexander Permann (Management & Marketing)
Yen Dang (Management) Lonnie Peters (Business Intended)
Jad Daouk (Economics & Finance) Reid Petty (Accounting & Finance)
Anindya Das (Business Intended) Brandon Pham (Business Intended)
Marisa Datko (Accounting & Finance)* Christine Pham (Management & Marketing)
Sarah Davis (Pre-Business) Nam Pham (Pre-Business)
Rehankhan Daya (Business Intended)* Thao Pham (Business Intended)
Luis De La Fuente (Business Intended) Tra Pham (Accounting & Finance)
Usiel De La Fuente (Economics & Finance)* Thanh Lam Phan (Accounting)
Angeles De Los Rios (Economics)* Richie Philip (Accounting)*
Keri Decay (Management) Cody Pierce (Management & Marketing)
Bristol Delancy (Economics) Ryan Pierson (Accounting)
Maylat Dengil (Pre-Business) Jessica Pina (Accounting)
Raj Desai (Accounting) Kyle Ponder (Accounting)
Kirti Devkota (Business Intended) Manuel Prado (Business Intended)*
Shiva Dheer (Business Intended) Melissa Prado (Int'l Business/Spanish)
Mia Dinh (Business Intended) Deepa Prajapati (Business Intended)
Ryan Dugger (Business Intended) Seth Prewitt (Accounting)
Joel Duren (Business Intended) Adriana Puga (Accounting)
Adam Elansari (Finance) Ahsan Malik Punjani (Management & Marketing)
Zainab El-Hage (Business Intended) Susana Putchio (Marketing)
Lindsey Ellington (Management & Marketing) Ashley Quirl (Economics & Finance)*
Copenhagen Elliott (Pre-Business) Hilda Quiroz (Int'l Business/Spanish)
Nathan Engstrom (Finance)* Zunubia Qurashi (Accounting & Finance)
Matheus Enzenmuller (Management & Marketing) Joshua Radcliff (Finance)
Jeffrey Esakov (Business Intended) Paula Rafael (Business Intended)
Miguel Escobedo (Pre-Business)* FNU Rahil (Business Intended)*
Atinuke Eseyin (Management & Marketing) Carlos Ramirez (Int'l Business/Spanish)
Reema Esmael (Accounting) Selena Ramirez (Marketing)
Dalia Espinoza (Business Intended) Kayla Rangel (Economics & Finance)
Jordan Ewton (Information Systems)* Olivia Regan (Economics & Finance)
Chase Farmer (Economics & Finance) David Rehnquist (Business Intended)
Christopher Fields (Information Systems) Juan Reyes (Operations Management)
John Filesi (Accounting)* Francisco Rico (Business Intended)
Eugenio Fira (Operations Management) Sandra Rico (Information Systems)
Jennie Fisser (Information Systems)* Stephanie Rico (Finance)
Tyrone Fitzgerald (Management)* Stephen Rieman (Business Intended)
Hilda Flores (Int'l Business/Spanish & Management) Daniel Roach (Marketing)
Jessica Flores (Management & Marketing) Shelia Roberson (Pre-Business)
Ryan Flowers (Business Intended) Jennifer Rodarte (Management)
Richard Floyd (Accounting) Tiany Rodriguez (Management & Marketing)
Tamera Fobbs (Business Intended)* Vicente Rodriguez (Accounting & Finance)
Crystal Fraga (Management) Quintin Rohrbaugh (Accounting & Finance)
Eder Frias (Business Intended) Caleb Rooker (Pre-Business)
Jerad Fritz (Business Intended)* Jessica Royal (Accounting)*
Anthony Fulton (Business Intended) Mario Ruiz (Finance)
Micah Galey (Management & Marketing)* Robert Ruiz (Management)
Zachary Galliford (Finance) Jordan Runnels (Accounting & Finance)*
Renee Gamero (Management) Joshua Russell (Finance)
Anthony Garcia (Pre-Business) Kenneth Russell (Finance)
Daniela Garcia (Business Intended) Grant Rutherford (Accounting & Finance)
Jizelle Garcia (Business Intended)* Suha Saleh (Finance)*
Richard Garcia (Management) James Sales (Management & Marketing)*
Sergio Garcia (Accounting) Isaac Sanchez (Pre-Business)
Sarina Garofano (Accounting)* Ivan Sanchez (Business Intended)*
Celeste Garza (Accounting) Tiburcio Sanchez Escalon (Business Intended)*
Jazmin Garza (Marketing) Guadalupe Sandoval (Business Intended)
Rachel Gaskin (Management) Mirella Sandoval (Management & Marketing)*
Astrid Gehre Boettner (Int'l Business/Spanish) Purni Sapkota (Information Systems)
Martina Georgieva (Int'l Business/German) Sonali Sarin (Business Intended)
Michael Gibson (Accounting) Breanna Saum (Management & Marketing)
Lisa Gill (Business Intended) Jennifer Sawari (Economics & Finance)
Ana Gjini (Economics)* Jeffery Scherer (Management)
Vladimir Golets (Management) Alec Schlein (Finance)
Deyanira Gomez (Accounting) Courtney Scott (Finance)
Karina Gomez (Int'l Business/French) Jacqueline Segura (Marketing)*
Christina Gonzales (Pre-Business) Chanhom Sengmanichane (Economics & Finance)
Juan Gonzalez (Business Intended) Courtney Sevebeck (Management & Marketing)
Rafael Gonzalez (Accounting) Dawn Shaji (Accounting)
Valeria Gonzalez (Management & Marketing) Mustafa Shakir (Business Intended)
Joseph Gorman (Business Intended) Sandeep Sharma (Management & Marketing)*
Cassandra Granger (Pre-Business) Richa Shrestha (Information Systems)
Deanna Gray (Accounting & Finance) Robin Shrestha (Information Systems)
Kale Gregg (Pre-Business) Saurav Shrestha (Information Systems)
Kira Griffiths (Business Intended) Edgar Sifuentes (Economics & Finance)*
Elton Guenther (Business Intended) Taylor Simmonds (Accounting & Finance)*
Neha Gurung (Information Systems)* Kenneth Slishman (Accounting)
Smita Gurung (Information Systems) Deandre Sloan (Business Intended)
Petter Gustafsson (Business Intended)* Kentrell Smith (Business Intended)
Edy Gutierrez Flores (Information Systems) Anica Snyman (Business Intended)*
Noorfatima Hafeez (Pre-Business) Marie Solis (Business Intended)
James Hall (Marketing) Leah Sommerville (Management & Marketing)
Stevie Hammer (Management) Victor Sotelo (Economics & Finance)
Tyler Harmon (Business Intended)* Lauren Stone (Business Intended)*
Meaghan Harraghy (Business Intended)* Misty Stratton (Pre-Business)
David Hawmann (Finance) Jared Street (Management & Marketing)
Cathy Hedger (Accounting)* Ryan Su (Accounting)
Ali Hemani (Pre-Business) Cecilia Suchil (Accounting)
John Henderson (Business Intended) Cheyene Sulak (Business Intended)*
Esmeralda Hernandez (Int'l Business/Spanish) Yang Sun (Business Intended)
Paola Hernandez (Management & Marketing) Olivia Suniura (Management & Marketing)
Adriana Hernandez Samora (Accounting & Finance)* Sadhanadevi Surapaneni (Business Intended)*
Christopher Herren (Information Systems)* Christopher Swearingin (Marketing)
William Herrera (Pre-Business) Zachary Swindall (Business Intended)
Samuel Hiester (Pre-Business) Bailey Tate (Pre-Business)
Samer Hijjazi (Pre-Business) Jessica Tate (Information Systems)*
Jacob Hindman (Management & Information Systems) Roua Andrea Tehedy (Pre-Business)
Jay Hinge (Economics)* Hamd Teklu (Business Intended)
Thao Thi Thanh Ho (Finance) Mukunda Thakali (Business Intended)
Mimi Hoang (Business Intended) Dianna Thammabanvong (Management & Marketing)*
Phuong Hoang (Finance) Sayon Thillainayagam (Business Intended)
Seong Hong (Accounting) Jennifer Thorpe (Management)
Sarah Hornberger (Business Intended) Prabin Timilsina (Pre-Business)
Kathryn Horne (Management) Connor Torrealba (Information Systems)*
Steve Horner (Int'l Business/German) Eddie Torres-Juarez (Business Intended)
Levi Houser (Marketing) Hang Tra (Accounting & Information Systems)
Matthew Howard (Business Intended) Christina Tran (Information Systems)
Paul Howard (Information Systems) Christopher Tran (Business Intended)
Cody Howe (Business Intended)* Crystal Tran (Finance)
Brady Howle (Business Intended)* Hung Tran (Business Intended)
Cindy Hua (Accounting)* Kha Tran (Accounting)
Ryan Hutton (Finance) Loc Tran (Accounting)
Anh Huynh (Pre-Business) Long Tran (Accounting)
Sameer Ingavale (Management)* Mina Tran (Pre-Business)
Rajip Ingnam (Business Intended) Minh Tran (Information Systems)*
Sami Islam (Accounting) Ngan Tran (Information Systems)
Thowchief Islam (Information Systems) Oanh Tran (Accounting & Finance)*
Bilal Ismail (Finance) Van Tran (Finance)
Chigozie Izuogu (Marketing) Byanca Trevino (Business Intended)
Ikechukwu Izuogu (Business Intended) Dalton Trimmer (Pre-Business)
Caleb Jackson (Economics & Finance)* Phianka Truong (Business Intended)*
Anthony Jakab (Pre-Business) Tara Tucker (Pre-Business)
Harris Jalil (Information Systems)* Marilyn Turkson (Finance)
Sakib Jamil (Accounting) Tammy Turner (Business Intended)
Miya Jennings (Business Intended) Colton Ulmer (Information Systems)
Ji Woong Jeon (Accounting) Vanessa Vallejo (Business Intended)
Jisoo Jeon (Accounting) Jaclyn Van Meter (Finance)
Jackson Jinks (Business Intended)* Rebekah VanDijk (Accounting)
Jessica Johnson (Management & Marketing) Meekha Varghese (Accounting)
Matthew Johnson (Accounting) Hansel Varughese (Finance)
Tamara Johnson Rizzo (Int'l Business/Spanish) Angela Vasquez (Pre-Business)
Diana Joulani (Pre-Business)* Darryl Vaz (Accounting)*
Javier Juarez (Accounting) David Vega (Management)
Trishala K C Khatri (Information Systems) Brenda Velasquez (Accounting)
Christelle Kankolongo (Economics)* Kelley Vessier (Int'l Business/German)
Isha Karkee (Information Systems) Alexander Villanueva (Economics)*
Gladys Katubiya (Pre-Business) Anthony Villareal (Management)
Louqman Kebbati (Management) Bryan Villegas (Management & Marketing)
Nilu Khadka (Information Systems) Danny Vo (Information Systems)
Nusrat Khan (Economics) Jamy Vogel (Pre-Business)
Omair Khan (Finance)* Alan Vu (Accounting)
Yumna Khan (Business Intended) Cuong Vu (Business Intended)*
Shreya Khanal (Business Intended) Donald Vu (Business Intended)
Anjali Khatri (Management & Marketing) Ha Vu (Accounting & Finance)
Jacob Kidd (Finance) Kenneth Vuong (Finance)
Anusha Kilaru (Pre-Business)* Julian Wade (Finance)
Angel Kim (Accounting) Nabeela Waheed (Information Systems)
Youngsuk Kim (Management) Vernon Walters (Marketing)
Michelle Kingston (Management & Marketing) Taylor Washuta (Business Intended)
Madelynn Kinsel (Management)* Colton Watson (Business Intended)
Hayley Kionka (Marketing) Carmen Webb (Business Intended)*
Kanytha Kiv (Accounting & Finance) Jacob Weber (Pre-Business)
Armon Kohan (Finance) Sabrina Wheeler (Management)*
Samer Koneiber (Business Intended) Brandon Whiteley (Business Intended)*
Hannah Kopetsky (Management & Marketing) Patience Wilkerson (Pre-Business)*
Charity Krueger (Accounting & Finance) Connor Wilkins (Accounting)
Sean Lafferty (Management & Marketing) Kaitlyn Williams (Information Systems)*
Masha Lahun (Pre-Business) Mary Wilson (Economics & Finance)*
Cody Law (Accounting) Grace Winslow (Int'l Business/French)*
Alex Le (Business Intended)* Melody Wong (Management & Marketing)*
Amber Le (Accounting) William Wright (Management & Marketing)
Anh Le (Management & Marketing) Nicole Yap (Business Intended)
Jonathan Le (Information Systems) Robin Yim (Accounting & Finance)
Trang Le (Accounting) In Son Yoo (Management)*
Kaylie Lechuga (Business Intended) Jae Yoo (Information Systems)
Dong Lee (Management) Shelby Young (Business Intended)
Jae Lee (Business Intended) Anum Zafarullah (Accounting)*
Ian Leung (Information Systems) Rimsha Zahid (Management)
Oshmar Lindero (Accounting) Michal Zamulinski (Pre-Business)
Luis Lira (Business Intended) Mariah Zielke (Finance)
Benjamin Livingston (Business Intended)