UTA Business Building

Spring 2016 College of Business Dean’s List

To be named to the Dean’s List, the following must be met:

  • Must be a Business undergraduate
  • Earned at least a 3.5 GPA during the spring semester
  • Enrolled in at least 12 credit hours during the semester

An asterick (*) indicates achievement of 4.0 GPA this spring.

Taylor Adams (Information Systems) Vy Mai (Management & Marketing)
Boluwatife Ade-Adedeji (Marketing) Mahima Majethia (Business Intended)
Prashant Adhikari (Information Systems) Giordano Maldonado (Business Intended)
Andrea Aguero (Business Intended) Brice Mallett (Management)
Sonia Aguilar (Business Intended)* Anurag Malwade (Int'l Business/German)
Saulo Aguilera (Business Intended) Daryll Maneja (Business Intended)
Joanna Aguilera (Business Intended) Mark Mansour (Economics)
Sandra Aguirre (Management) Peter Markarian (Business Intended)*
Jana Ahmad (Business Intended)* Jordan Marr (Accounting & Finance)*
Sabah Ahmed (Business Intended) Andrew Martin (Int'l Business/Spanish)*
Imad Ahmed (Business Intended) Wesley Martin (Business Intended)
Rashid Al Attili (Accounting) Michael Martinez (Economics)*
Aileen Alcivar (Business Intended)* Israel Martinez (Management)
Saily Alcivar (Business Intended)* Yuri Martinez Vega (Int'l Business/Spanish)
Athraa Alherbi (Business Intended) Chere Mason (Marketing)
Samuel Allen (Business Intended) Shivam Masters (Business Intended)*
Yvonne Marie Almorado (Business Intended)* Ashley Mathew (Business Intended)*
Wared Al-rousan (Business Intended)* Benjamin Mayorga (Business Intended)
Rebeca Amaya (Business Intended)* John Mays (Management)
Jonathan Anantaphathanawong (Business Intended)* Sarah Mbemba (Business Intended)
Jordan Anderson (Int'l Business/German) Lauren McCarty (Accounting)
Jose Andrade (Information Systems) Taylor McConnell (Management)
Nicholas Aoki (Business Intended) John McGee (Pre-Business)
Evelin Aragon (Accounting) Taylor McGregory (Management)
Gilberto Arevalo De La Garza (Business Intended) Austin Mclaughlin (Business Intended)
Mario Armendariz (Business Intended) Omar Medina-Valdes (Int'l Business/Spanish)
Shivam Arora (Accounting & Finance)* Suraj Mehta (Accounting)*
Cynthia Avelar (Accounting) Hamza Memon (Finance)
Manuel Avina (Int'l Business/Spanish) Elizabeth Mendoza (Management)
Priyag Babaria (Finance)* Pablo Mendoza (Business Intended)
Rajan Babu (Business Intended) Varsha Menon (Business Intended)
Salma Badeh (Business Intended)* Yelian Mevo (Finance)
Jainaba Bah (Finance) Forrest Miller (Finance)
Priscilla Banales (Accounting) Richard Miller (Business Intended)*
Bhawani Baniya (Accounting) Jeffrey Millican (Business Intended)
Jiban Baral (Information Systems) Debra Mingboupha (Operations Management)
Alisa Barboza (Business Intended) Clay Mitchell (Business Intended)*
Michael Barrett (Marketing)* Rehma Mohamed (Finance)
Myah Barrett (Business Intended) Shoeb Mohammed (Accounting & Information Systems)
Hailey Barton (Business Intended) Joaquin Monjaras (Business Intended)*
Mohammad Bashir (Accounting)* Gerardo Montes Rascon (Management)*
Rebekah Bassett (Business Intended) James Moore (Business Intended)
Tyler Bates (Finance) Jose Morales-Tavarez (Information Systems)*
William Bedford (Economics)* Eric Moran (Business Intended)
Michael Bencic (Business Intended) Courtney Morin (Economics)*
Carla Benitez (Business Intended)* Daven-Troy Morris (Information Systems)*
Warren Benjamin (Accounting) Courtney Morrison (Business Intended)*
Drew Bergmann (Management & Marketing) Braden Moses (Business Intended)*
Morgan Berniard (Business Intended) Benjamin Mosley (Business Intended)
Dilon Bhakta (Accounting) Abigail Moussavi (Pre-Business)
Aman Bhardwaj (Business Intended) Drew Mowrey (Economics & Finance)*
Dipesh Bhattarai (Information Systems) Mario Muniesa (Economics & Finance)*
Deiondre Blair (Business Intended) Jaime Munoz (Accounting)
Javier Bolanos (Information Systems) Kadie Murphy (Marketing)
Brittany Brinegar (Marketing) Daniel Murphy (Marketing)*
Zain Brohi (Information Systems) Jerald Murphy (Business Intended)
Brian Brooks (Business Intended) Rasid Mustafic (Accounting & Finance)*
Nina Brower (Management) Elise Myrick (Information Systems)*
Auby Brown (Marketing) Vaibhavi Nagar (Business Intended)*
Travis Brown (Business Intended) Nu Ri Nam (Economics)
Brianna Burchianti (Business Intended)* Zehra Naqvi (Business Intended)*
Nicolle Busto (Business Intended)* Edward Naranja (Economics)*
Adalberto Bustos (Business Intended) Tuk Neupane (Information Systems)
Jessica Butler (Marketing) Quynh Ngo (Pre-Business)
Gladys Cabanas (Finance) Minh Ngo (Business Intended)
Charity Calhoun (Finance) Bryan Nguyen (Information Systems)
Giovanna Calvillo (Business Intended) Phuc Nguyen (Finance)*
Bakary Camara (Information Systems) Tuan Nguyen (Accounting & Finance)*
Francisco Camargo (Business Intended) Anh Nguyen (Accounting)*
Alan Cao (Accounting & Information Systems) Camthy Nguyen (Accounting)*
Luis Carranza (Management & Marketing) Trang Nguyen (Accounting)
Logan Cassell (Management) Anh Nguyen (Accounting)
Candy Castaneda (Finance) Thanh Nguyen (Accounting)
Abel Castro (Business Intended) Trung Nguyen (Finance)
Claudia Cavazos (Accounting) Mackenzie Nguyen (Accounting)
Ramiro Cazares (Int'l Business/German) Francis Nguyen (Accounting)
Jossue Cervantes Torres (Information Systems) John Nguyen (Business Intended)
Tin-long Chan (Accounting) Vanessa Nguyen (Business Intended)
Hunter Chapa (Pre-Business) Tram Nguyen (Business Intended)*
Sunny Chaturvedi (Business Intended)* Terri Nguyen (Business Intended)
Shradha Chaulagain (Information Systems) Trevor Nicholas (Business Intended)
Viviana Chavez (Management & Marketing)* Callum Northedge (Business Intended)
Zachary Chavez (Business Intended) Adaora Nwogbo (Business Intended)
Joseph Chedid (Business Intended) Argwings Obonyo (Accounting)*
Sanjari Chelawat (Business Intended)* Jenifeer Olguin (Economics & Finance)
Tim Cheng (Business Intended) William Olson (Economics & Finance)*
Mana Chhantyal (Information Systems)* Antonia Oniel (Business Intended)
Ana Chico (Management) Jake Orcutt (Information Systems)
Kelvin Chim (Information Systems) James Orr (Management)
Collin Chitwood (Real Estate) John Overath (Economics)
Dina Chkarka (Business Intended) Ruben Oviedo (Accounting)
Minhye Choi (Business Intended)* Paul Pacheco (Accounting)*
Abderrahim Chouaib (Information Systems) Maria Padilla (Business Intended)*
Imtiaj Chowdhury (Accounting & Information Systems)   Maria Padron (Business Intended)
Daysi Christopher (Management)* Jose Palacios (Accounting & Finance)
Nikesh Chudal (Information Systems) Nisan Panthi (Information Systems)
Pilguk Chun (Business Intended) Leah Parma (Finance)
Hope Clark (Accounting) Jay Parmar (Management)
Christine Clay (Finance) Ankit Parmar (Finance)
Darren Coco (Business Intended) Patricia Patak (Management)
Cameron Coffman (Marketing) Sonal Patel (Management)
Mark Cohoon (Management)* Sunny Patel (Finance)
Jeremy Collins (Business Intended)* Akshay Patel (Finance)
Julio Colon-Gonzalez (Accounting)* Ravi Patel (Finance)
Zachary Congleton (Business Intended) Eric Patlan (Business Intended)*
Caitlyn Cooney (Management) Ashley Patten (Business Intended)*
Caleb Corbett (Marketing) Christopher Peck (Business Intended)
Dario Cordasic (Business Intended) Juan Pedroza (Business Intended)
Frank Cortez (Accounting) April Perez (Management)
Darren Craig (Accounting) Brian Perez (Business Intended)
Michael Crawford (Accounting)* Luis Perez Mijares (Int'l Business/German)
Steven Crittenden (Management) Reid Petty (Accounting & Finance)
Eduardo Cruz (Business Intended) Nathaniel Pfeiffer (Finance)
Kymbra-shea Currey (Accounting) Christine Pham (Management & Marketing)
Luqman Danawala (Business Intended) Kelly Pham (Management & Marketing)
Yen Dang (Management) Kim Ngoc Phan (Accounting)
Jad Daouk (Economics & Finance) Richie Philip (Business Intended)
Marisa Datko (Accounting & Finance) Anhmai Pho (Business Intended)
Sara Daugherty (Business Intended) Jera Pierce (Pre-Business)
Caroline Davidson (Management & Marketing)* Ryan Pierson (Accounting)
Angeles De Los Rios (Economics) Javier Pontifis (Accounting)
Usiel Delafuente Uribe (Economics & Finance) Alise Popatia (Management)
Amanda DeLeon (Business Intended)* Leslie Portillo (Business Intended)
James Dennis (Economics & Finance)* Melissa Prado (Int'l Business/Spanish)*
Shiva Dheer (Business Intended)* Manuel Prado (Business Intended)
Charnjeet Dhillon (Management) Jordan Prasifka (Economics)
Nam Dinh (Economics & Finance) Rachel Prendergast (Business Intended)*
Mia Dinh (Business Intended)* Robert Preston (Accounting)
Goziem Domorji (Accounting) Seth Prewitt (Accounting)
Nigel Dorsey (Information Systems) Susana Putchio (Business Intended)
Jean Dossou (Business Intended)* Nga Vu Thien Quach (Accounting)
Charles Dreher (Marketing) Pedro Quezada (Finance)
Imad Drissi El Bouzaidi (Information Systems) Joshua Radcliff (Finance)*
Ryan Dugger (Business Intended) Thomas Ragster (Operations Management)*
Joel Duren (Business Intended) FNU Rahil (Business Intended)*
James Duryea (Accounting) Mari Ramirez (Int'l Business/Spanish)
Patrick Eckhout (Information Systems) Noel Ramos (Accounting)
Salmane El Amrani (Information Systems) Edgar Rascon (Finance)
Adam Elansari (Finance) Talena Reese (Accounting)
Carlos Elizondo (Information Systems) Olivia Regan (Business Intended)*
Nimat Elmasri (Marketing) Mechelle Resendiz (Int'l Business/Spanish)
Nathan Engstrom (Finance)* Juan Reyes (Operations Management)
Matheus Enzenmuller (Management & Marketing) Ian Reyes (Business Intended)*
Reema Esmael (Accounting) Anne Reyna (Business Intended)*
David Espinosa (Business Intended) William Richardson III (Accounting)
Gustavo Esquivel (Business Intended) Sandra Rico (Information Systems)
Daisy Estrada (Business Intended) Daniel Rivas Retana (Business Intended)
Jordan Ewton (Information Systems) Daniel Roach (Marketing)
Chase Farmer (Business Intended) Amram Robert (Accounting)
Luke Favela (Information Systems)* Megan Robinson (Business Intended)
Christopher Fields (Information Systems)* Jennifer Rodarte (Management)
John Filesi (Accounting) Abraham Rodelo-Gonzalez (Management)
Eugenio Fira (Operations Management) Jose Rodriguez (Information Systems)
Jennie Fisser (Business Intended) Oscar Rodriguez (Finance)
Hilda Flores (Management) Rosalinda Rodriguez (Accounting)*
Richard Floyd (Accounting & Finance)* Vincente Rodriguez (Accounting & Finance)
Tamera Fobbs (Business Intended) Tiany Rodriguez (Management & Marketing)
Jeffrey Foster (Accounting) Mauricio Rojas (Finance)*
Juan Franco (Finance) Blair Roy (Business Intended)
Samuel Freeman (Economics) Mario Ruiz (Finance)
Bianka Frias (Economics) Esteban Ruiz (Business Intended)
Carl Funk (Information Systems) Rachel Rumney (Business Intended)
Morgan Gaddy (Management) Jordan Runnels (Business Intended)
Micah Galey (Business Intended) Taylor Russell (Marketing)
Renee Gamero (Management) Joshua Russell (Finance)
Collin Garcia (Business Intended) Raegan Rust (Business Intended)
Richard Garcia (Business Intended) Grant Rutherford (Pre-Business)
Luis Garcia (Business Intended) Rod Ryer (Business Intended)
Jizelle Garcia (Business Intended)* Ryan Safdarinia (Business Intended)*
Daniel Garza (Accounting) Suha Saleh (Finance)
Rachel Gaskin (Management) James Sales (Management & Marketing)
Astrid Gehre Boettner (Int'l Business/Spanish)* Harley Salguero (Finance)
Steven George (Business Intended) Melissa Sam (Business Intended)
Martina Georgieva (Int'l Business/German) Mamoun Samman (Finance)
Brianna Gibbs (Business Intended) Mirella Sandoval (Management & Marketing)
Michael Gibson (Accounting) Guadalupe Sandoval (Business Intended)
Ana Gjini (Business Intended)* Jennifer Sawari (Business Intended)
Khaliun Glass (Finance) Diana Schumann (Operations Management)*
Aziz Gokal (Business Intended) Jacqueline Segura (Marketing)
Anthony Gonzales (Information Systems) Chanhom Sengmanichane (Economics & Finance)
Sergio Gonzalez (Accounting) Courtney Sevebeck (Marketing)
Jacqueline Gonzalez (Accounting) Manav Shah (Business Intended)
Macario Gonzalez (Int'l Business/Spanish) Mustafa Shakir (Business Intended)
Oscar Gonzalez (Business Intended) Sushan Shakya (Information Systems)
Vasundhara Goyal (Marketing & Operations Management) Atifa Shalwani (Business Intended)
Tristan Grecu (Business Intended)* Sandeep Sharma (Management & Marketing)
Kira Griffiths (Business Intended) Ram Sharma (Business Intended)*
Nicholas Grimes (Finance) Sunny Shrestha (Information Systems)
Rogelio Guerrero (Economics) Richa Shrestha (Information Systems)
Petter Gustafsson (Business Intended)* Edgar Sifuentes (Economics & Finance)*
Adam Gutierrez (Finance) Taylor Simmonds (Business Intended)*
Edy Gutierrez Flores (Business Intended) Buhar Sindi (Business Intended)
Alec Hadden (Business Intended) Abhishek Singh (Business Intended)
Faith Hagen (Accounting) Curtis Slemmons (Business Intended)
William Hamberlin (Economics) Kenneth Slishman (Accounting)*
Stevie Hammer (Management) Kentrell Smith (Business Intended)*
Yumiao Han (Accounting) Anica Snyman (Business Intended)
Kyle Hanks (Information Systems)* George Sorto (Accounting & Finance)*
Maryam Haobsh (Pre-Business)* Jeff Spaeth (Accounting)
Meaghan Harraghy (Business Intended)* Dominique Stansberry (Management & Marketing)*
Cassandra Harris (Management) Caleb Stelzer (Information Systems)
David Hawmann (Finance) Lauren Stone (Business Intended)
Cathy Hedger (Accounting)* Yaseen Suleman (Accounting)
Ali Hemani (Pre-Business) Yang Sun (Business Intended)
Matthew Hendrix (Finance)* Olivia Suniura (Management & Marketing)
Virginia Henry (Accounting) Kyle Sutton (Business Intended)*
Raegan Herbert (Finance) Jonathan Switzenberg (Business Intended)
Paola Hernandez (Management & Marketing)* Gossa Tafa (Information Systems)
Esmeralda Hernandez (Int'l Business/Spanish)* Katherine Taing (Accounting)*
Jorge Hernandez (Business Intended) Karen Taing (Accounting)
Adriana Hernandez Samora (Business Intended) Yanitza Tapia (Business Intended)
Kyle Hindmarsh (Business Intended) Lauren Tesmer (Accounting & Finance)
Jay Hinge (Business Intended)* Dianna Thammabanvong (Management & Marketing)*
Phuong Hoang (Finance) Amit Thapa (Information Systems)
Ahasan Hossain (Pre-Business) Richard Thawng (Business Intended)
Paul Howard (Information Systems) Brooke Theemling (Business Intended)
Matthew Howard (Business Intended)* Gincy Thomas (Business Intended)
Chad Howell (Pre-Business) Lucas Thomason (Business Intended)
Cindy Hua (Accounting)* Cameron Threadgill (Marketing)
Georgia Huffman (Management) Austen Thurmond (Accounting)*
Shaza Irfan (Business Intended) Connor Torrealba (Information Systems)
Thowchief Islam (Business Intended) Kyle Toumbs (Finance)
Caleb Jackson (Economics & Finance) Hang Tra (Accounting & Information Systems)*
Riley Jay (Business Intended) Nhan Tran (Accounting)
Marvin Jenkins (Accounting)* Minh Tran (Management)*
Jisoo Jeon (Accounting) Phuc Tran (Finance)*
Jessica Jimenez (Business Intended) William Anh Tran (Economics)
Afishet Jimoh (Accounting) Ngan Tran (Information Systems)
Manuella Johnson (Int'l Business/French)* Oanh Tran (Finance)*
Dallas Johnson (Business Intended) Van Tran (Finance)
Neha Jonchhe (Finance) Long Tran (Accounting)*
Michael Jordan (Business Intended) Loc Tran (Accounting)
Christelle Kankolongo (Economics)* Anthony Tran (Business Intended)
Sushil Kc (Information Systems)* Christina Tran (Business Intended)
Louqman Kebbati (Business Intended) Hung Tran (Business Intended)*
Kelsey Kenney (Business Intended)* Minh Tran (Business Intended)
Joshua Key (Business Intended)* Seydou Tiecoura Traore (Economics & Finance)
Omair Khan (Finance) Byanca Trevino (Business Intended)
Nusrat Khan (Economics) Phianka Truong (Business Intended)*
Yumna Khan (Business Intended)* Laurent Tshisekedi (Finance)*
Anjali Khatri (Management & Marketing) Natalie Tunink (Accounting)
Pyung Kang Kim (Information Systems) Anthony Tunprasert (Finance)
Seul Ki Kim (Business Intended) Michael Tutone (Information Systems)
Michelle Kingston (Business Intended) Colton Ulmer (Information Systems)
Madelynn Kinsel (Management)* Clayton Utley (Economics)
Hayley Kionka (Marketing) Emily Vaca (Finance)
Kanytha Kiv (Accounting & Finance)* Gary Van Gundy (Business Intended)
Armon Kohan (Business Intended)* Ryan Van Leeuwen (Business Intended)
Ismael Adam Blegore Kone (Business Intended) Jaclyn Van Meter (Business Intended)
Samer Koneiber (Business Intended) Rebekah VanDijk (Accounting)
Joseph Lacey (Economics)* Daniel Vareed (Business Intended)
Erin Lackey (Business Intended) Darryl Vaz (Accounting)
Jessica Lantis (Finance) Vilma Velazquez (Accounting)
Quynh Thi Mai Le (Economics & Finance)* Bryan Villegas (Management & Marketing)*
Sophia Thao Le (Finance) Alan Vu (Finance)*
Kevin Le (Business Intended) Kenneth Vuong (Business Intended)
Linh Le (Business Intended) Natalie Walsh (Accounting)
Alex Ledezma (Management) Charles Warren (Information Systems)
Sung Lee (Business Intended) Matthew Webb (Business Intended)*
Vincent Lee (Business Intended)* Carmen Webb (Business Intended)*
Shaquille Lewis (Finance) Sabrina Wheeler (Management)
Alisha Liddell (Finance) Glenn Whipple (Management)
Guillermo Alexander Linares Pina (Economics) Clint White (Marketing)
James Linderman (Management) Brandon Whiteley (Business Intended)*
Oshmar Lindero (Accounting) Kaitlyn Williams (Business Intended)
Jeffery Linnear (Business Intended) Madison Wingrove (Economics)
Luis Lira (Business Intended) Grace Winslow (Int'l Business/French)*
Benjamin Livingston (Business Intended) Brandon Witzel (Management)
Kenneth Loh (Accounting) Melody Wong (Management & Marketing)*
Michael Lomax (Economics & Finance) Elissa Woodbury (Management & Marketing)
Dominique Longoria (Business Intended)* Conor Woods (Business Intended)
Alexia Lopez (Economics & Finance) William Wright (Management & Marketing)
Valeria Lopez Perez (Business Intended) Stephen Wynn (Finance)
Melanie Louv (Business Intended) Andrew Yang (Finance)
Benjamin Lovette (Accounting)* Nicole Yap (Business Intended)
MarKezzia Loyd (Business Intended) Jae Yoo (Information Systems)
Nina Lu (Finance & Marketing)* In Son Yoo (Business Intended)
Shannon Lucas (Accounting) Won Tae You (Finance)*
Jonathan Luckenbill (Marketing) Shelby Young (Business Intended)
Dreama Lumpkins (Management)* Samer Yousif (Economics)
Erica Ly (Business Intended)* Marney Yu (Accounting)
Derrick Ma (Economics) Anum Zafarullah (Accounting)*
Monica Macdonald (Marketing) Rimsha Zahid (Management)
Myrna Madrid (Accounting) Jose Zamora (Finance)
Raja Maharjan (Information Systems) Shuhan Zhang (Management)