UTA Business Building

Spring 2017 College of Business Dean’s List

To be named to the Dean’s List, the following must be met:

  • Must be a Business undergraduate
  • Earned at least a 3.5 GPA during the spring semester
  • Enrolled in at least 12 credit hours during the semester

An asterisk (*) indicates achievement of 4.0 GPA this spring.

David Abad (Accounting) Daryll Maneja (Information Systems)
Waseem Abbaas (Finance) Sarah Manning (Business Intended)*
Mohamed Fahad Aboosally (Pre-Business)* Nojan Mansoory (Management & Marketing)
Mira Acharya (Information Systems) Peter Markarian (Accounting)*
Bikash Adhikari (Information Systems) Jordan Marr (Accounting & Finance)*
Saumya Adhikari (Business Intended) Graham Marshall (Business Intended)
Alaeddine Agha (Pre-Business)* John Marshall (Business Intended)
Ruby Aguayo (Finance)* Kaitlynn Martin (Accounting)
Sonia Aguilar (Management)* Ana Karen Martinez (Management & Marketing)
Imad Ahmed (Accounting & Finance) Israel Martinez (Management)*
Rashid Al Attili (Accounting & Finance) Karina Martinez Vargas (Pre-Business)
Husain Al Maskati (Finance) Yuri Martinez Vega (Int'l Business/Spanish)
Aileen Alcivar (Management & Marketing)* Chère Mason (Marketing)
Matthew Alenius (Business Intended)* Shivam Masters (Finance)
Samuel Allen (Business Intended) Dakota Mathers (Accounting)
Yvonne Almorado (Information Systems) Ashley Mathew (Accounting)
Angelica Alvear (Accounting) Sasha Mathew (Management & Marketing)
Jonathan Anantaphathanawong (Business Intended)* Lauren Matthews (Business Intended)*
Jordan Anderson (Int'l Business/German)* Benjamin Mayorga (Business Intended)
Joel Andrews (Accounting & Finance) Lauren McCarty (Accounting)
Crystal Angel (Management) John Mcclain (Business Intended)
Sara Anshasi (Accounting) Matt Mccoy (Accounting)
Breanna Antis (Management & Marketing) Ransom Mccoy (Business Intended)*
Mario Armendariz (Information Systems) Kimry McFadden (Management)*
Yahaira Arneros (Business Intended) John McGee (Real Estate)
Shivam Arora (Accounting & Finance)* Austin Mclaughlin (Accounting)
Robert Aumuller (Management & Marketing) Trenton Mcnairy (Business Intended)*
Christian Avila (Finance) Mariela Medina (Business Intended)
Adekunle Awoniyi (Management & Real Estate) Sara Medina Torres (Pre-Business)
Priyag Babaria (Finance) Rahul Mehta (Business Intended)
Lauren Bachert (Business Intended) Suraj Mehta (Accounting)*
Mireya Baharanchi-Espi (Business Intended) Alexis Mendez (Pre-Business)
Salma Baheh (Business Intended)* Elizabeth Mendoza (Management)*
Daniel Baker (Business Intended) Sophia Mhanna (Business Intended)
Brandon Baldridge (Business Intended) Jose Mier (Economics)
Dehvon Barry (Business Intended)* Mario Millan (Management & Marketing)*
Michael Batts (Management & Marketing) Richard Miller (Business Intended)*
Alison Baughman (Pre-Business)* Jeffrey Millican (Economics & Finance)*
Pedro Bautista Zapata (Business Intended) Mark Miranda (Management & Marketing)
Ryan Beesmer (Finance) Zain-Ul Abideen Mithaiwala (Business Intended)
Daniel Beevers (Pre-Business) Jacqueline Mojica (Management & Marketing)
Derek Behan (Management) Joaquin Monjaras (Management & Marketing)*
Bafubungi Beia (Information Systems) Aaron Montoya (Business Intended)
Michael Bencic (Management & Marketing) Christian Moore (Management)
Itzel Benitez Hernandez (Accounting & Finance) Garrett Moore (Pre-Business)
Warren Benjamin (Accounting)* Kevin Moore (Accounting)*
John Bergeron (Business Intended) Kristin Moore (Management & Marketing)
Kali Berglund (Management & Marketing)* Ava Moreno (Pre-Business)
Morgan Berniard (Management & Marketing) Stevie Moreno (Finance)
Philippe Berthiaume (Pre-Business) Erick Moreno Mendoza (Pre-Business)
Isabel Berumen (Pre-Business) Courtney Morrison (Business Intended)
Sunny Birla (Business Intended) Benjamin Mosley (Information Systems)
Henry Blair (Int'l Business/Spanish) Drew Mowrey (Economics & Finance)*
Josue Blanco (Business Intended) Juveria Muhammad (Business Intended)*
Luis Blanco (Information Systems) Wahib Muhammad (Pre-Business)*
Nathanael Blinn (Pre-Business)* Mario Muniesa (Economics & Finance)
Rachael Bonney (Finance) Rasid Mustafic (Accounting & Finance)
Stephanie Bouasy (Pre-Business) Brandi Myers-Devlugt (Business Intended)
Brandon Boyer (Finance)* Minahil Nadeem (Management & Marketing)
Alan Breedlove (Management & Marketing) Vaibhavi Nagar (Accounting & Finance)*
Ty Broom (Business Intended)* Christopher Nakagawa (Pre-Business)
Nimisha Budhwani (Business Intended)* Gary Newcomer (Accounting)*
Hao Bui (Business Intended) Cameron Newland (Pre-Business)*
Linh Bui (Finance) Alex Nguyen (Pre-Business)*
Phuong Bui (Management) An Nguyen (Finance)
Thuy Bui (Accounting & Finance)* Chloe Nguyen (Management & Marketing)*
Adam Burchfield (Accounting & Finance) Christopher Nguyen (Business Intended)
Brianna Burchianti (Accounting & Finance) Christy Nguyen (Business Intended)
Nicolas Busto (Management) Francis Nguyen (Accounting & Finance)
Nicolle Busto (Management & Marketing) Jessica Nguyen (Business Intended)
Nancy Cabrera (Int'l Business/Spanish) Jimmy Nguyen (Business Intended)
Natalie Calderon (Business Intended)* John Nguyen (Business Intended)
Giovanna Calvillo (Marketing)* Khanh Nguyen (Accounting)*
Oscar Calzada (Business Intended)* Kiet Nguyen (Management)
Francisco Camargo (Marketing) Linh Nguyen (Accounting)
Alan Cao (Accounting & Information Systems) Nam Nguyen (Business Intended)
Jeanette Cardoso (Business Intended) Ngan Nguyen (Management & Marketing)
Sadie Carithers (Business Intended)* Ngoc Nguyen (Information Systems)
Denisse Carrera (Management & Marketing) Nhi Nguyen (Accounting)
Diana Castaneda (Business Intended) Robert Nguyen (Pre-Business)*
Ronald Castro (Management & Marketing) Sean Nguyen (Information Systems)*
Evelyn Cepeda (Management & Marketing) Thuy Nguyen (Business Intended)
Cristina Cereijo (Business Intended) Tiffany Nguyen (Business Intended)*
Sarah Chapman (Business Intended)* Tram Nguyen (Economics & Finance)
Harsha Chaudhuri (Business Intended)* Truc Nguyen (Pre-Business)
Viviana Chavez (Management & Marketing) Tuan Nguyen (Accounting & Finance)
Sanjari Chelawat (Accounting & Finance)* Niko Nino (Business Intended)
Kai Chen (Accounting & Finance)* Elias Noorzad (Management & Marketing)
Tim Cheng (Marketing) Callum Northedge (Information Systems)*
Richter Cheung (Information Systems) Pedro Nuez Delgado (Business Intended)*
Miriam Childs (Business Intended)* Jakob Nunez (Economics & Finance)
Kelvin Chim (Information Systems) Adaora Nwogbo (Economics)
Imtiaj Chowdhury (Economics & Finance) Edgar Nyoni (Business Intended)
Dulce Cisneros (Management & Marketing) Theresa Oaks (Management & Marketing)
Gabriel Clark (Business Intended) Osmond Oke (Business Intended)
Hope Clark (Accounting) Yesenia Olivas (Management & Marketing)*
Jamie Clark (Management & Marketing) Eric Olson (Finance)
Christine Clay (Economics & Finance) William Olson (Economics & Finance)
Christopher Clouthier (Business Intended) Jake Orcutt (Information Systems)*
Cody Coats (Pre-Business) Jesus Ortiz (Marketing)
David Cole (Economics & Finance) Grayson Ostand (Accounting & Finance)*
Jeremy Collins (Accounting) Yao Otini (Pre-Business)
Julio Colon-Gonzalez (Accounting)* John Overath (Economics)*
Zachary Congleton (Economics & Finance) Maria Padilla (Marketing)
Jessica Coronado (Management & Marketing) Maria Padron (Business Intended)*
Michael Crawford (Accounting) Rosa Padron (Business Intended)*
Nicholas Crutchfield (Business Intended) Ashish Pandey (Information Systems)*
Eduardo Cruz (Economics & Finance) Reanard Pangestu (Information Systems)
Victoria Cruz (Business Intended) Anthony Parker (Business Intended)*
Kymbra-shea Currey (Accounting) Kyle Parker (Pre-Business)
Amreen Dabir (Business Intended) Patricia Patak (Management)
Loan-Lisa Dang (Accounting) Bhavil Patel (Business Intended)*
Yen Dang (Management) Bhavin Patel (Management)
Jad Daouk (Economics & Finance) Miran Patel (Finance)
Anindya Das (Economics & Finance) Nicholas Paterson (Finance)
Marisa Datko (Accounting & Finance) Ashley Patten (Accounting)*
Sara Daugherty (Management & Marketing) Marion Peeschla (Economics & Finance)
Sarah Davis (Pre-Business) Monsserrat Peralta (Business Intended)
Vincent Davis (Management & Marketing) Christina Perez (Marketing)
Rehankhan Daya (Business Intended) Christopher Perez (Accounting & Finance)*
Usiel De La Fuente (Economics & Finance) Daniella Perez (Business Intended)
Alanisse De La O (Int'l Business/German)* Luis Perez Mijares (Int'l Business/German)*
Phillip De La Pena (Management & Marketing) Katherine Perkins (Business Intended)
Angeles De Los Rios (Economics) Alexander Permann (Management & Marketing)
Amanda DeLeon (Accounting)* Lonnie Peters (Business Intended)
Lauren Deman (Business Intended) Reid Petty (Accounting & Finance)
Binti Deora (Information Systems) Kathy Pham (Business Intended)*
Joseph Devito (Accounting)* Kelly Pham (Management & Marketing)*
Kirti Devkota (Business Intended)* Quynh Nhu Pham (Finance)
Mia Dinh (Business Intended) Tra Pham (Accounting & Finance)
Felicia Dominguez (Management & Marketing) Hieu Phan (Accounting)*
Michael Doris (Business Intended) Richie Philip (Accounting)*
Hayden Dorough (Pre-Business) Samara Phillips (Business Intended)
Michelle Dubon (Business Intended)* Melody Phimphrachanh (Business Intended)
Ryan Dugger (Business Intended) Ryan Pierson (Accounting)*
Joel Duren (Marketing) Ta Nguyen Pimolsri (Accounting & Finance)*
James Duryea (Accounting) Brooke Pinson (Business Intended)
Ihuoma Echendu (Accounting) Manuel Prado (Business Intended)*
Emily Eldridge (Business Intended)* Clement Prasad (Accounting)
Lindsey Ellington (Management & Marketing) Peyton Prestidge (Business Intended)
Michael Emery (Finance)* Rachel Pungwe (Marketing)
Nathan Engstrom (Finance) Ahsan Punjani (Management & Marketing)
Vanessa Enriquez (Business Intended)* Susana Putchio (Management & Marketing)*
Atinuke Eseyin (Management & Marketing) Ashley Quirl (Economics & Finance)*
Jordan Ewton (Information Systems)* Hilda Quiroz (Int'l Business/Spanish)
Helen Falda (Business Intended) Joshua Radcliff (Finance)
Chase Farmer (Economics & Finance)* Ajay Raghavan (Business Intended)*
Steven Felan (Finance) FNU Rahil (Business Intended)*
Christopher Fields (Information Systems)* Abir Rahman (Business Intended)
John Filesi (Accounting) Rifaa Rajabali (Accounting)
Jennie Fisser (Information Systems) Mark Rakanovic (Pre-Business)
Hilda Flores (Int'l Business/Spanish & Management) Mayra Ramirez (Int'l Business/Spanish)
Mark Flores (Accounting)* Darwin Ramsey (Business Intended)
Richard Floyd (Accounting) Neha Rana (Information Systems)
Tamera Fobbs (Accounting & Finance) Dinusha Ratnayake (Business Intended)*
Joshua Forbes (Business Intended) Olivia Regan (Economics & Finance)*
Dalton Ford (Business Intended) Tianyue Ren (Business Intended)
Jackson Foster (Business Intended) Ever Reyes (Business Intended)
Nancy Frayre (Int'l Business/Spanish)* Ian Reyes (Management & Marketing)
Louis Freddo (Business Intended) Jerry Reyes (Business Intended)
Eder Frias (Business Intended) Wesley Rich (Business Intended)
Omar Frias (Business Intended) Chirag Rijal (Business Intended)*
Morgan Gaddy (Management) Kourtney Ringo (Business Intended)
Veronika Gagina (Finance) Daniel Roach (Marketing)
Micah Galey (Management & Marketing)* Isabella Robinson (Operations Management)
Zachary Galliford (Finance) Jeffrey Robinson (Pre-Business)
Renee Gamero (Management & Marketing) Rogelio Robledo (Business Intended)*
Anthony Garcia (Pre-Business) Crisely Robles (Finance)
Collin Garcia (Management) Jennifer Rodarte (Management)
Daniela Garcia (Business Intended) Tiany Rodriguez (Management & Marketing)
Jizelle Garcia (Accounting & Finance) Angela Rojas (Finance)
Joe Garcia (Pre-Business) Caleb Rooker (Pre-Business)
Paulina Garcia (Pre-Business) Zachary Roos (Accounting & Finance)
Richard Garcia (Management) Brandii Roquemore (Finance)
Reece Garrett (Management & Marketing) Esteban Ruiz (Business Intended)
Orlando Garza (Management) Manuela Ruiz (Pre-Business)*
Fares Gebremichael (Business Intended) Jordan Runnels (Accounting & Finance)*
Astrid Maria Gehre Boettner (Int'l Business/Spanish)* Joshua Russell (Finance)
Emil George (Business Intended) Kenneth Russell (Finance)
Martina Georgieva (Int'l Business/German)* Raegan Rust (Economics)*
Michael Gibson (Accounting)* Chad Sahinkaya (Business Intended)
Lisa Gill (Business Intended)* Amani Said (Business Intended)
Rajvir Gill (Accounting & Finance) Cristian Salas (Finance)
Justin Godinez (Accounting) Griselda Salas (Pre-Business)
Karina Gomez (Int'l Business/French) Jeanette Salcido (Pre-Business)
Andrew Gonzalez (Business Intended) Nihmato-allah Salem (Business Intended)
Valeria Gonzalez (Management & Marketing) James Sales (Management & Marketing)
Andrew Gooch (Business Intended) Isaac Sanchez (Pre-Business)
Tanner Gore (Finance) Victoria Sanchez (Business Intended)
Joseph Gorman (Information Systems) Guadalupe Sandoval (Marketing)
Cassandra Granger (Pre-Business) Mirella Sandoval (Management & Marketing)
Raymond Graves (Business Intended) Elevinia Santos (Business Intended)
Kira Griffiths (Business Intended)* Purni Sapkota (Information Systems)
Matthew Guerrero (Business Intended) Mailee Saravia (Business Intended)*
Neha Gurung (Information Systems) Jennifer Sawari (Economics & Finance )
Petter Gustafsson (Operations Management) Anuj Saxena (Pre-Business)*
Edy Gutierrez Flores (Information Systems)* Julian Saza (Management & Marketing)
Joseph Hablas (Business Intended)* Aaron Scott (Management & Marketing)
Noorfatima Hafeez (Pre-Business) Seyed Wajih Seyed Mashook (Business Intended)
Kaitlyn Hainline (Management) Luke Shannon (Business Intended)
Chloe Hamraee (Management & Marketing) Ram Sharma (Management & Marketing)*
Nicholas Hansen (Management & Marketing)* Sandeep Sharma (Management & Marketing)
Maryam Haobsh (Pre-Business)* Barone Shitanda (Business Intended)
Tyler Harmon (Economics & Finance) Shubham Shiwakoti (Business Intended)
Meaghan Harraghy (Business Intended) Saurav Shrestha (Information Systems)
William Harris (Management) Babbar Siddiq (Business Intended)
Shukri Hassan (Pre-Business)* Muhammad Siddiqui (Business Intended)
David Hawmann (Finance) Edgar Sifuentes (Economics & Finance)*
Cathy Hedger (Accounting & Finance)* Jose Sifuentes (Business Intended)
John Henderson (Accounting) Gianni Silva (Business Intended)
David Henry (Accounting)* Taylor Simmonds (Accounting & Finance)*
Dominic Herdman (Finance)* Abhishek Singh (Int'l Business/German)
Karina Hernandez (Management & Marketing)* Kentrell Smith (Information Systems)
Maria Hernandez (Accounting & Finance) Madison Smith (Pre-Business)*
Tony Hernandez (Pre-Business) Anica Snyman (Management & Marketing)
Adriana Hernandez Samora (Accounting & Finance) Jesus Solis-Rocha (Business Intended)
Robert Herrera (Pre-Business)* Victor Sotelo (Economics & Finance)*
Samer Hijjazi (Pre-Business)* Elizabeth Soto (Finance)
Shawn Hinckley (Business Intended) Carson Spann (Finance)*
Jay Hinge (Economics)* Mariah Springer (Pre-Business)
Duc Trung Hoang (Accounting) Dominique Stansberry (Management & Marketing)
Mimi Hoang (Accounting)* Brandon Stone (Business Intended)
Tram Hoang (Accounting) Lauren Stone (Accounting & Finance)*
Nathan Hoelscher (Finance) Jared Street (Management & Marketing)*
Cody Hoffmann (Management)* Ryan Su (Marketing)
Christopher Holcomb (Pre-Business) Cecilia Suchil (Accounting)
Jacob Holland (Marketing)* Cheyene Sulak (Accounting)*
Mallory Hommel (Business Intended)* Marcus Sullins (Business Intended)
Hye Hong (Finance) Nathan Sundquist (Economics)*
Sarah Hornberger (Accounting) Sadhanadevi Surapaneni (Business Intended)
Kathryn Horne (Management) Hannah Sute (Business Intended)*
Matthew Howard (Business Intended) Kyle Sutton (Information Systems)*
Paul Howard (Information Systems) Christopher Swearingin (Marketing)
Cody Howe (Finance) Emily Sykes (Business Intended)*
Brady Howle (Business Intended)* Prerana Tamrakar (Information Systems)
Huda Hozri (Pre-Business)* Haoyuan Tang (Finance)
Cindy Hua (Accounting) Milica Tasic (Management & Marketing)
Sameer Ingavale (Management) Jessica Tate (Information Systems)*
Rajip Ingnam (Information Systems) Elijah Tatum (Pre-Business)
Kavan Ingram (Pre-Business) Mukunda Thakali (Business Intended)
Thowchief Islam (Information Systems) Dianna Thammabanvong (Management & Marketing)
Abu Sajid Israr (Business Intended) Dhanush Thippeswamy Ravishankar (Business Intended)*
Chigozie Izuogu (Marketing) Calvin Thompson (Accounting)
Ikechukwu Izuogu (Business Intended) Randall Thompson (Accounting)*
Caleb Jackson (Economics & Finance) Jennifer Thorpe (Management)
Anthony Jakab (Finance) Austen Thurmond (Management)*
Harris Jalil (Information Systems) Prabin Timilsina (Pre-Business)
Malanee Janes (Business Intended) Cynthia Tolentino (Business Intended)*
Miya Jennings (Management & Marketing) Connor Torrealba (Information Systems)*
Ji Woong Jeon (Accounting) Ki'Ara Torrence (Management)
Jackson Jinks (Business Intended) Julie Torres (Economics)
Dallas Johnson (Finance) Eddie Torres-Juarez (Accounting)
Jessica Johnson (Management & Marketing) Bailey Townley (Management)
Matthew Johnson (Accounting & Finance) Ashley Tran (Business Intended)*
Alexina Jones (Management) Christina Tran (Information Systems)
Diana Joulani (Pre-Business)* Christopher Tran (Finance)
Trishala K C Khatri (Information Systems)* Crystal Tran (Finance)
Samuel Kalunga (Business Intended)* Hung Tran (Accounting)*
Austin Kanady (Pre-Business) Loc Tran (Accounting & Finance)*
Christelle Kankolongo (Economics)* Minh Tran (Information Systems)*
Gladys Katubiya (Pre-Business) Ngan Tran (Information Systems)
Maninderjit Kaur (Management) Van Tran (Finance)*
Hamza Kebbati (Business Intended)* Seydou Tiecoura Traore (Economics)
Louqman Kebbati (Management) Seydou Tiecoura Traore (Finance)
Jordan Keibl (Int'l Business/German) Dillon Trimmer (Finance)
Samuel Kemp (Business Intended)* Nhan Truong (Pre-Business)
Kelsey Kenney (Management) Phianka Truong (Business Intended)*
Nilu Khadka (Information Systems) Phu Truong (Finance)
Hamiz Khan (Business Intended) Vincent Truong (Business Intended)
Nusrat Khan (Economics)* Elvis Turcios (Management & Marketing)
Tasrif Khan (Business Intended) Joshua Turner (Accounting & Finance)*
Shazim Khanzada (Business Intended) Blake Upchurch (Economics & Finance)
Yuva Kharel (Business Intended) Alfredo Uribe (Business Intended)*
Anjali Khatri (Management & Marketing) Armando Valdez (Business Intended)
Kashaf Khawar (Pre-Business) Hector Valero (Business Intended)
Anusha Kilaru (Pre-Business) Vanessa Vallejo (Management)
Ju Kim (Accounting)* Jaclyn Van Meter (Finance)
Youngsuk Kim (Management) Ramon Vargas (Pre-Business)
Erwin Kimbimbi (Management) Jestin Varghese (Pre-Business)
Michelle Kingston (Management & Marketing) Hansel Varughese (Finance)*
Kanytha Kiv (Accounting & Finance) Vivek Vatsavayi (Business Intended)*
Victoria Kleffner (Pre-Business) Darryl Vaz (Accounting)
Graham Klein (Accounting)* Brenda Velasquez (Accounting)
Armon Kohan (Finance)* Reyna Velazquez (Pre-Business)
Hannah Kopetsky (Management & Marketing) Kelley Vessier (Int'l Business/German)
Charity Krueger (Accounting & Finance)* Bryan Villegas (Management & Marketing)
Barrett Kunkel (Business Intended)* Sohail Virani (Business Intended)
Jesse Labelle (Business Intended) Carla Vives (Int'l Business/Spanish)
Erin Lackey (Finance) Duc Vo (Business Intended)
Sean Lafferty (Management & Marketing) Alan Vu (Accounting)
Masha Lahun (Pre-Business) Cuong Vu (Economics)*
Amber Le (Accounting) Donald Vu (Business Intended)
Christopher Le (Business Intended) Ha Vu (Accounting & Finance)*
Irissa Le (Business Intended) Julian Wade (Finance)
Khanh Le (Business Intended) Eric Wagner (Marketing)
Phuong Anh Le (Business Intended)* Marissa Walden (Int'l Business/Spanish)
Sandy Le (Management) Abeer Waqar (Management)
Trang Le (Finance) Colton Watson (Management & Marketing)
Vu Le (Pre-Business) Raqeena Waziullah (Business Intended)
Kaylie Lechuga (Management & Marketing) Carmen Webb (Accounting & Finance)*
Aaron Lee (Accounting & Finance)* Yusuf Weiss (Int'l Business/French)
Kent Lee (Management & Marketing) Elyssa Whaley (Management & Marketing)
Gabriella Lerma (Pre-Business) Kolton White (Pre-Business)*
Arthur Levario (Pre-Business) Brandon Whiteley (Economics)*
Shane Lewandowski (Business Intended)* Patience Wilkerson (Economics)
Erica Lewis (Business Intended) Kaitlyn Williams (Information Systems)
Wei Li (Business Intended) Taylor Williams (Business Intended)
Luis Lira (Economics) Jimi Willis (Pre-Business)
Julie Lively (Management)* Mary Wilson (Economics & Finance)
Benjamin Livingston (Real Estate) Thomas Wilson (Economics & Finance)
Cristian Llamas (Business Intended)* Danielle Wisian (Accounting & Finance)
Michael Lomax (Economics & Finance) Genevieve Wood (Business Intended)
Dominique Longoria (Business Intended) Clayton Woodruff (Pre-Business)*
Jonathan Lopez-Hafen (Business Intended) Nicole Yap (Business Intended)*
Byron Lorenti (Int'l Business/Spanish) Andy Yen (Business Intended)
Melanie Louv (Accounting)* Shirley Yep (Pre-Business)
Ethan Loveland (Business Intended) Juan Yera (Accounting)*
Krystal Loya Aragonez (Int'l Business/French) Robin Yim (Accounting & Finance)*
Amber Loyd (Business Intended) Dayna Yoho (Business Intended)*
MarKezzia Loyd (Business Intended)* In Son Yoo (Management)
Alexia Luckett (Business Intended) Jae Yoo (Information Systems)*
Kelsey Luff (Pre-Business)* Anum Zafarullah (Accounting)
Christian Lugo (Operations Management) Rimsha Zahid (Management)*
Lance Luna (Pre-Business) Farhan Zaman (Pre-Business)
Parker Lunsford (Int'l Business/Spanish)* Michal Zamulinski (Pre-Business)
Erica Ly (Accounting) Cheng Zeng (Business Intended)
Marina Lyashkova (Finance) Jay Zhang (Business Intended)