Marketing Professor’s Research Activity Earns UT Arlington a Ranking in Leading Academic Journal

October 29, 2008—Thanks largely to Dr. Xueming Luo’s published research activity, UT Arlington is listed 27th among universities worldwide for research contributions from 2000 to 2007 in the leading academic journal in the field, Journal of Marketing. Based his research contributions to the Journal from 2000-2007, Dr. Luo is tied for 3rd in author rankings among marketing professors worldwide.

Journal of Marketing has published Dr. Luo’s research on topics including word of mouth, customer satisfaction, corporate responsibility and marketing credibility. Dr. Luo is breaking new ground in research using advanced mathematical modeling tools to demonstrate the relationship between marketing variables and firm stock prices. He employs advanced linear programming and time-series models to demonstrate that enhancing marketing communication productivity and customer satisfaction can help generate higher firm stock returns. Marketing professionals and investors can benefit by benchmarking advertising, word of mouth and customer relationship management programs and evaluate the financial impact of marketing based on the volatility of firm stock prices.

Dr. Luo is the Eunice & James L. West Distinguished Professor and Associate Professor of Marketing. Dr. Luo earned his doctoral degree in marketing from Louisiana Tech University. Prior to UT Arlington, he was on the faculty in the School of Business at the State University of New York at Fredonia. Professor Luo’s research focuses on Econometric Modeling and Marketing-Finance Interface. His work is published in numerous academic and practitioner journals.

Dr. Luo’s forthcoming article, “Quantifying the Long-Term Impact of Negative Word of Mouth on Cash Flows and Stock Prices”, will be published in the journal Marketing Science.