Dean Croson's Blog is Future-Focused

In her first semester as Dean of the College of Business, Rachel Croson started The Future of Business, a monthly blog series to promote discussions about what business will be in the future. We intend for this to spur an interactive dialogue beyond the UT Arlington campus and welcome all readers to share their insight in this forum. Please continue reading for more information in a message from the Dean.

Fellow Mavericks,

As Dean of the UT Arlington College of Business, I look to the future. I believe we need to understand what the business world will look like ten or twenty years from now, to conduct research, and to teach our students, about that future world.
I'm excited to share with you my new project: The Future of Business, a monthly blog showcasing timely business topics that will be critical issues of the future. Here we illustrate our impact on these issues through faculty research, degree programs, and the success of our alumni.
      Dean Rachel Croson
Dean Rachel Croson

This month's post focuses on transparency in an age where sensitive information of both organizations and individuals is more vulnerable than ever. Last month, my blog debuted with a discussion of the pervasive need for business professionals in all sectors, including nonprofit and education.
Each month, I'll discuss a new topic and welcome your participation. We'll link to the blog in future e-newsletters so that you can stay up-to-date with the latest entries. I love reader comments and want The Future of Business Blog to be a forum of discussion on these important issues in business.
Thank you.
Rachel Croson