Business Faculty Research Highlights

A paper by Jingguo Wang, associate professor of information systems and operations management, was accepted for publication to the journal Information Systems Research. The paper, co-written by N. Xiao and H.R. Rao, is titled "An Exploration of Risk Characteristics of Information Security Threats and Related Public Information Search Behavior."

A new book comprised of five essays by U.S. economists connects the dots between entrepreneurship, economic freedom, and economic growth, detailing their interrelated roles in America's sluggish economic recovery, Fraser reported. Two of the economists, Roger Meiners of The University of Texas at Arlington and Andrew P. Morriss of the Texas A&M University School of Law, examine the roles of the U.S. legal system and how special interests corrupt the legal and exonomic framework. They also explain how market competition is impacted by regulation.

Management Professor Jim Quick was selected by UT Arlington as the University’s nominee for the 2015 Minnie G. Stevens Piper Foundation Award. Each year, the foundation awards 10 Texas Piper Professorships of $5,000 for outstanding scholarly and academic achievement, and exemplary service to the University and the community. Begun in 1958 with eight awards, the roster of Piper Professors includes outstanding professors from two- and four-year colleges and universities, public and private.

A paper by Orhan Volkan Ozbek, Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Management, and Dr. Chad Navis, management assistant professor at the Wisconsin School of Business, was accepted for publication by “Academy of Management Review.” The paper, titled “The Right People in the Wrong Places: The Paradox of Entrepreneurial Entry and Successful Opportunity Realization,” will be published in a forthcoming issue of the journal.

Management Professor Wendy Casper was selected as a recipient of the UT Arlington Outstanding Research Achievement/Creative Accomplishment Award. This award recognizes a faculty member for achieving a particularly important research or creative accomplishment during the past three years. She will be recognized at the University’s Spring Meeting of the University Faculty Associates on May 5, 2015.

A paper co-written by College of Business faculty Sridhar Nerur, professor of information systems, and Abdul Rasheed, professor and Management Department chair, has been accepted to appear in a forthcoming issue of the Strategic Management Journal. The paper, titled "Citation Footprints on the Sands of Time: An Analysis of Idea Migrations in Strategic Management" was co-written with Alankrita Pandey.

A new management study says that the tone of an after-hours email from a supervisor can affect how disruptive the email is to an employee's time after work, the Bryan-College Station Eagle reported. Marcus Butts, a UT Arlington associate professor of management, teamed with colleagues from TCU and Texas A&M to complete the study, which will be published in the Academy of Management Journal.

A paper co-written by Associate Professor of Management Marcus Butts was accepted for publication to the Academy of Management Journal. M.M., Becker, W.J., & Boswell, W.R., “Hot Buttons and Time Sinks: The Effects of Electronic Communication during Nonwork Time on Emotions and Work-Nonwork Conflict" will appear in a forthcoming issue of the journal.

The degree of price difference on goods and services among Texas metropolitan areas has increased over time, researchers wrote in a paper featured on the Dallas Fed Economic Letter according to a paper co-authored by a UT Arlington associate professor in the College of Business. The study also showed that price varied among different goods and services among eight metropolitan cities surveyed. Finally, it showed Dallas was the most expensive city in the state. C.Y. Choi, UT Arlington associate professor of economics, co-wrote the paper.

Small businesses that are adaptable might have an economic advantage when the next megaproject comes to town, Next City reported. UT Arlington management professors studied how business owners respond to environmental disruption by looking at the convenient local case study of AT&T Stadium, which opened in Arlington in 2009. Liliana Pérez-Nordtvedt, the principal author of the report, said, “one of our takeaways was that temporal adaptations might be less costly [than content changes] for small businesses."

An article by Dr. Zhiyong Yang, associate professor of marketing, and Dr. Jingguo Wang, associate professor of information systems and operations management, titled “Effect of peer influence on unauthorized music downloading and sharing: The moderating role of self-construal” was published in the Journal of Business Research.

The College Research Award Committee selected a paper by Dr. Sanjiv Sabherwal, associate professor of finance and real estate, to receive the Best Paper Award. "CEO Overconfidence and International Merger and Acquisition Activity," co-authored with Stephen P. Ferris and Narayanan Jayaraman, was published in the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis in February 2013.

Dr. Kay-Yut Chen, professor of information systems and operations management, was inducted as an inaugural member of UT Arlington’s new chapter of the National Academy of Inventors. He joins University President Vistasp Karbhari and several top research faculty from the colleges of engineering and science. Only faculty holding patents can be inducted as members.

Congratulations to Nandu Nagarajan, Ph.D., accounting alumni endowed professor, whose paper has recently been accepted in the September 2015 issue of The Accounting Review. The paper titled "Information Complementarities and Supply Chain Analysts" was co-authored with Shuqing Luo (National University of Singapore). The details of the paper have been updated on SSRN and are available at

Management Professor Marcus Butts just received an acceptance from the Journal of Applied Psychology, an elite journal. Eby, L.T., Butts, M. M., Hoffman, B. J., & Sauer, J., "Cross-Lagged Relations between Mentoring Received from Supervisors and Employee OCBs: Disentangling Causal Direction and Identifying Boundary Conditions” will be published in an upcoming edition of the journal.

"It’s all in the attitude: The role of job attitude strength in job attitude – outcome relationships," a paper co-authored by Wendy Casper, UTA professor of management, and D.J. Schleicher, T. Smith, J.D. Watt, & G. Greguras, was recently accepted by the Journal of Applied Psychology.

Information Systems and Operations Management Professor Kay-Yut Chen wrote a paper with UT Dallas Professor Ozalp Ozer and Stanford University Professor Yanchong Zheng that received a major award at the annual INFORMS conference in San Francisco on Nov. 10. His paper, "Trust in Forecast Information Sharing," was selected as the best operations management paper published in Management Science scholarly journal over the last three years.

Congratulations to Dr. Jingguo Wang, associate professor of information systems and operations management, upon his recent article acceptance “Insider Threats in a Financial Institution: Analysis of Attack-Proneness of Information Systems Applications”, MIS Quarterly.

“The Sampling Distribution of the W Estimator of the Number of Valid Signatures on a Petition”, by Mark Eakin and Mary Whiteside is a recent article that is forthcoming in Communication in Statistics and was accepted in 2013.

“Distributed Cognition in Software Design – An Experimental Investigation of the Role of Design Patterns and Collaboration”, by G. Mangalaraj, Sridhar Nerur, Radha Mahapatra and Kenneth Price was published in MIS Quarterly, March, 2013.

“Effect of Reputation Mechanisms and Ratings Biases on Traders’ Behavior in Online Marketplaces”, by Riyaz Sikora and L. You was published in the International Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, 2013.

“The Effect of Peer Influence on Two Aspects of Music Piracy: The Moderating Role of Self-Construal”, by Zhiyong Yang, Jingguo Wang, and M. Mourali is a recent article that is forthcoming in Journal of Business Research and was accepted in 2013.

“Analyzing Online Auction Behavior with Fuzzy Set Theory,” by Jie Zhang, Edmund Prater, and I. Lipkin was accepted in 2013 by Decision Support Systems.

“To Revoke or Not to Revoke–-CRL Releasing Strategies”, by Jie Zhang, N. Hu, and Manjeri K. Raja, was accepted in 2013 by Decision Support Systems.

“How Do Consumer Buzz and Traffic in Social Media Marketing Predict the Value of the Firm?”, by Xueming Luo and Jie Zhang, was accepted in 2013 by the Journal of Management Information Systems.

“Social Media Metrics and Firm Equity Value” by Xueming Luo, Jie Zhang, and Wenjing Duan was published in Information Systems Research Vol.24 No.1, pp. 146–163, 2013.

A new book entitled "An Introduction to Supply Chain Management" co-authored by Edmund Prater and Kimberly Whitehead has been published by Business Expert Press. Ms. Whitehead stated "Writing the book with Dr. Prater was a great experience. We tried to keep a practitioner tone based on our combined years of practical experience. Feedback is positive from both academics and practitioners."

Sridhar Nerur, associate professor of information systems, is ranked as the third most active researcher on agile software development in an article titled "Assessment of institutions, scholars, and contributions on agile software development (2001-2012)," which is soon to be published in The Journal of Systems and Software. Further, the article ranks UTA among the top 3 institutions that have produced research on agile software development. A preliminary version of the article has been released for online viewing. High research rankings by our faculty are part of our UTA DNA!

Two UT Arlington information systems professors prove correct pairing of computer programmers can lead to much more successful programming, e! Science News, ECN, Only Software Blog,, Science Codex, Science Daily and several other websites reported. Professor Radha Mahapatra and Associate Professor Sridhar Nerur, both in the UT Arlington Information Systems and Operations Management Department of the College of Business, recently published “Distributed Cognition in Software Design: An Experimental Investigation of the Role of Design Patterns and Collaboration” in the prestigious MIS Quarterly. The paper also said use of design patterns can greatly improve the success of software programming. This is a part of our UTA DNA.Learn more...

Two UT Arlington management professors argue that employers can prevent workplace violence by keeping dangerous employees positively engaged and closely supervising them to ensure they get the help they need, Science Newsline, Science Codex, eScience News, Health Canal,, Workplace Violence News, and several other news websites reported. James Campbell Quick and M. Ann McFadyen of the UT Arlington College of Business management department analyzed FBI reports, case studies and human resource records to focus on the estimated 1 to 3 percent of employees prone to workplace acts of aggression, like homicide, suicide or destruction of property. They've published their findings in a paper, "No Accident: Health, Wellbeing, Performance … and Danger," which appears in the Journal of Organizational Effectiveness: People and Performance. This is a part of our UTA DNA. Learn more...

Congratulations to Dr. Zhiyong Yang, Associate Professor of Marketing, with the publication “Consumer Adoption of New Products: Independent versus Interdependent Self-Perspectives,” in the Journal of Marketing. This is a part of our UTA DNA.

Dr. Bin Srinidhi, Carlock Endowed Distinguished Professor of Accounting, has received notice that his paper entitled “The Effect of Governance on Specialist Auditor Choice and Audit Fees in U.S. Family Firms" has been accepted by The Accounting Review. The Accounting Review is an elite journal in accounting. This is a part of our UTA DNA.

Olga Isengildina, associate clinical professor of economics, evaluated USDA information and data for the Council on Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics (C-FARE) and presented her findings at the C-FARE seminar May 16 in Washington, DC. The report, “From Farm Income to Food Consumption: Valuing USDA Data Products,” and presentation can be viewed online. This is a part of our UTA DNA.

George Benson, associate professor of management, completed a study with Alec Levenson from the University of Southern California’s Center for Effective Organizations of Frito Lay’s performance pay program. The evaluation was recognized by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and the Society for Human Resource Management with a 2013 HRM Impact Award. Frito Lay’s program was one of four recognized for excellent applications of evidence-based management. Read more about the awards and the winners. This is a part of our UTA DNA.

Elten Briggs, associate professor of marketing, has co-authored a new paper with Detra Montoya entitled "Shared Ethnicity Effects on Service Encounters: A Study Across Three U.S. Subcultures" which addresses the impact of ethnicity and race on sales/marketing efforts in the retail and service sectors. The team found that customers enjoy a better experience when the company has representatives of like ethnicity. The new paper has been published in the Journal of Business Research. This is a part of our UTA DNA.

"The consequences of chutzpah," an article published July 18, 2013, in the Washington Post, references research work of Sanjiv Sabherwal, professor of finance.

Michael Ward, professor of economics, is a co-author of the third edition of “Managerial Economics: A Problem Solving Approach” (2014). The textbook’s co-authors are Luke Froeb, Brian McCann, and Mikhael Shor.

On May 3, Dean Rachel Croson presented the 2013 Faculty and Staff Awards in the College of Business. Learn more.

A study by Zhiyong Yang, assistant professor of marketing, was published in a recent edition of the Journal of Business Research. Dr. Yang’s article, “Demarketing teen tobacco and alcohol use: Negative peer influence and longitudinal roles of parenting and self-esteem,” argues that parental influence is a powerful tool in dissuading children from smoking and drinking in their later teen years. His work was featured in an April 23 UT Arlington news release.

James C. Quick, Professor and the John and Judy Goolsby – Jacqualyn A. Fouse Endowed Chair in the Goolsby Leadership Academy, was inducted into UT Arlington’s Academy of Distinguished Scholars at the Spring Meeting of the Faculty and Associates on April 22, 2013. Academy members exemplify the University’s commitment to quality research and creative activity. Academy members advocate the importance of research and creative activity, promote a sense of community among scholars, foster research and creative activity and advise the institution on research practices and policies.
Receiving the Provost’s Award for Excellence in Teaching was Timothy Wunder, clinical assistant professor of economics. See the full list of awards.

Dr. Zhiyong Yang, assistant professor of marketing, has co-authored a paper with Mehdi Mourali entitled "The Dual Role of Power in Resisting Social Influence" which has been recently accepted for a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Consumer Research.

C.Y. Choi, associate professor of economics, has co-authored a paper with Roisin O'Sullivan entitled "Heterogeneous Response of Disaggregate Inflation to Monetary Policy Regime Change: The Role of Price Stickiness" which has been recently accepted in a forthcoming edition of the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control.

Radha Mahapatra and Sridhar Nerur, associate professors of information systems, have co-authored a paper with George Mangalaraj and Kenneth Price entitled "Distributed Cognition in Software Design: An Experimental Investigation of the Role of Design Patterns and Collaboration" which has been recently accepted for a forthcoming edition of the MIS Quarterly.

Xueming Luo, professor of marketing, has co-authored an article with S. Raithel and M. Wiles entitled "The Impact of Brand Dispersion on Firm Value," which has been recently accepted for a forthcoming edition of the Journal of Marketing Research.

Darren Hayunga, associate professor of finance and real estate, has co-authored an article with Peter Lung entitled "Trading in the Options Market around the Financial Analysts’ Consensus Revision" which has been recently accepted for a forthcoming edition of the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.

Wendy Casper, associate professor of management, has co-authored a paper with J. H. Wayne, R. A. Matthews, and T. D. Allen entitled "Family-Supportive Organization Perceptions and Organizational Commitment: The Mediating Role of Work-Family Conflict and Enrichment and Partner Attitudes" which has been recently accepted in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

John Adams, assistant professor of finance, was interviewed for an article in The Wall Street Journal about the practice of hedge funds and other traders borrowing from mutual funds and ETF’s to execute their strategies. The article was based on a new study co-authored by Dr. Adams that finds that some funds earn drastically less than others on their securities-lending operations even when the funds themselves are similar. "The people managing your money may sometimes be managing it more to benefit themselves than to benefit you," said Adams.

Susanna Khavul, associate professor of strategic management and innovation, received the IDEA Thought Leader Award Winner (2012) from the Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division. The award recognized the best published scholarly work in entrepreneurship in the past year. The research, coauthored with Garry D. Bruton and Helmuth Chavez, titled, “Microlending in emerging economies: Building a new line of inquiry from the ground up” appeared in the Journal of International Business Studies.

Zhiyong Yang, Assistant Professor of Marketing, co-authored the article, "Parenting Strategies as Influences of Teen Drinking via Self Esteem: An Important Area for Family Policy", which was published online in the Journal of Macromarketing in July 2010.

In January 2010, Dr. Fernando Jaramillo, Assistant Professor of Marketing, was recognized with an award for best article by the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice. Co-authored with Francois A. Carrillat and Jay Prakash Mulki, the awarded article, "Examining the Impact of Service Quality: A Meta-Analysis of Empirical Evidence" was originally published in the Journal's Spring 2009 issue.

Thanks largely to Dr. Xueming Luo’s published research activity, UT Arlington is listed 27th among universities worldwide for research contributions from 2000 to 2007 in the leading academic journal in the field, Journal of Marketing. Based his research contributions to the Journal from 2000-2007, Dr. Luo is tied for 3rd in author rankings among marketing professors worldwide. Read more...

Dr. M. K. Raja, Professor of Information Systems, and UT Arlington graduate Dr. Anil Gurung co-authored "An Empirical Investigation on Customer's Privacy Perceptions, Trust and Security Awareness in E-commerce Environment". The article was published in the Journal of Information Privacy and Security (JIPS) Fall 2008.

Myrtle P. Bell, Associate Professor of Human Resource Management, and David Kravitz of George Mason University edited a special edition of Academy of Management Learning & Education (AMLE) 2008 on diversity education and training. AMLE is the seventh-ranked journal in the management field and the second in education. interviewed Myrtle Bell, Associate Professor of Human Resource Management, for an article on obesity discrimination.

Readers Digest Canada quoted James Campbell Quick, Professor of Organizational Behavior, in an article about calming workday chaos.

Dr. Xueming Luo, the Eunice & James L. West Distinguished Professor and Associate Professor of Marketing, continues a high level of published research activity. His paper “When Marketing Strategy First Meets Wall Street: Marketing Spendings and Firms’ Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)", is published in the September 2008 issue of the Journal of Marketing. Dr. Luo was also published in the July 2008 issue of the Journal of Marketing, a paper co-authored with Christian Homburg,“Satisfaction, Complaint, and the Stock Value Gap.”

Dr. Glyn Winterbotham, Assistant Professor of Accounting, coauthored the forthcoming publication, "Geographic Earnings Disclosure and Trading Volume" at the Journal of Accounting and Public Policy. The paper addresses a broader area of Dr. Winterbotham’s research, examining the importance of providing disaggregated information about a firm. The publication was co-authored with Ole-Kristian Hope of the University of Toronto - Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, and Wayne B. Thomas of the University of Oklahoma - Michael F. Price College of Business. Abstract

Dr. James Campbell Quick’s latest book, “Managing Executive Health”, is now available at bookstores. Dr. Quick, the John and Judy Goolsby Distinguished professor and founding director of Goolsby Leadership Academy, collaborated with his brother, Jonathan D. Quick, a family physician and public health management specialist; Cary L. Cooper, professor of organizational psychology and health, and pro-vice chancellor at Lancaster University; and Joanne H. Gavin, assistant professor of management at Marist College. Read more.

Dr. Mike Ward, Associate Professor of Economics, returned this summer from a stint as a visiting researcher at the ZEW, a non-profit economic research institute located in Mannheim, Germany. At the ZEW, Dr. Ward investigated how Internet access may have increased the pace of academic research. Specifically, he examined citation patterns in major journals when economists obtained access to JSTOR, a major journal archive site. Dr. Ward found that researchers cite more often to journals when they obtain electronic access to this archive. Also, there is evidence that access to this archive increases researchers' publication output and the quality of their output.
Dr. Ward presented two working papers at the ZEW that explore different topics:
Video Games, Violence and Crime
Teaching Digital Piracy

Drs. Alan R. Cannon, Gregory V. Frazier and Edmund L. Prater collaborated with Pedro M. Reyes (Ph.D. '02) of the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University to author “RFID in the contemporary supply chain: multiple perspectives on its benefits and risks”. The paper was published in the May 2008 issue of the International Journal of Operations and Production Management.