UTA MBA Programs

MBA Programs - Faculty

Tara Larson Brown Tara Larson Brown
Clinical Assistant Professor of Economics
PhD University of Texas at Dallas, 2010
Phone: 817.272.3284       Office: CoB 320
Email: tara@uta.edu
Research/Teaching Interests: Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics, Public Economics and Policy
Alan Cannon Alan Cannon
Associate Professor of Operations Management
PhD Clemson University, 1999
Phone: 817.272.5746       Office: CoB 524B
Email: acannon@uta.edu
Research/Teaching Interests: Manufacturing Strategy, Competitive Strategy Implementation, Organizational Research Methods
Lawrence Chonko Lawrence Chonko
Professor of Marketing, The Thomas McMahon Professor in Business Ethics
PhD University of Houston, 1978
Phone: 817.272.0264       Office: CoB 232
Email: larry.chonko@uta.edu
Research/Teaching Interests: Business Ethics, Professional Selling and Sales Management, Change Management, and Leadership
UTA Jim Dunn
Lecturer of Management
Phone: 817.272.3166       Office: CoB 209
Email: jimdunn@uta.edu
Research/Teaching Interests: Management
Mark Eakin Mark Eakin
Professor of Statistics
PhD Texas A&M University, 1980
Phone: 817.272.3529       Office: CoB 525B
Email: eakin@uta.edu
Research/Teaching Interests: Statistical Education and Applications of Statistics
Greg Frazier Greg Frazier
Professor of Operations Management and Department Chair of Information Systems and Operations Management
PhD Texas A&M University, 1989
Phone: 817.272.3559       Office: CoB 530B
Email: frazier@uta.edu
Research/Teaching Interests: Operations Control, Supply Chain Management
David Gray David Gray
Associate Dean and Professor of Management
PhD University of Massachusetts, 1974
Phone: 817.272.3387       Office: CoB 334
Email: gray@uta.edu
Research/Teaching Interests: Human Resource Management and Labor Relations
David Mack David Mack
Assistant Dean and Director of the Goolsby Leadership Academy
PhD University of Texas at Arlington, 2000
Phone: 817.272.3085       Office: CoB 302
Email: davemack@uta.edu
Research/Teaching Interests: Organizational Behavior, Organization Consulting and Research, Leadership
Radha Mahapatra Radha Mahapatra
Associate Professor of Information Systems
PhD Texas A&M University, 1994
Phone: 817.272.3590       Office: CoB 521B
Email: mahapatra@uta.edu
Research/Teaching Interests: Information Systems, Database
Ann McFadyen Ann McFadyen
Associate Professor of Management
PhD Texas A&M University, 2000
Phone: 817.272.0214       Office: CoB 227
Email: mcfadyen@uta.edu
Research/Teaching Interests: Organization Strategy, Knowledge Creation, Exchange Networks, Strategic Alliances, Strategic Management
Jeffrey McGee Jeffrey McGee
Associate Professor of Management
PhD University of Georgia, 1992
Phone: 817.272.3412       Office: CoB 229
Email: jmcgee@uta.edu
Research/Teaching Interests: Small Business Competitiveness Issues
Gary McMahan Gary McMahan
Associate Professor of Management
PhD Texas A&M University, 1993
Phone: 817.272.3862       Office: CoB 224
Email: gmcmahan@uta.edu
Research/Teaching Interests: Strategic Human Resource Management, Work Motivation, Issues in Organization Change and Development, Empowerment/Employee Involvement, Job Design
Roger Meiners Roger Meiners
Professor and Department Chair of Economics
PhD Virginia Polytechnic University, 1977
Phone: 817.272.3116       Office: CoB 309
Email: meiners@uta.edu
Research/Teaching Interests: Legal and Economic Aspects of Environmental Law
Liliana Pérez-Nordtvedt Liliana Pérez-Nordtvedt
Associate Professor of Management
PhD The University of Memphis, 2005
Phone: 817.272.3858       Office: CoB 215
Email: lnordtvedt@uta.edu
Research/Teaching Interests: Interorganizational Knowledge Transfer, Time in Organizations, International Collaboration, Strategic Management
Edmund Prater Edmund Prater
Associate Professor of Operations Management
PhD Georgia Institute of Technology, 1999
Phone: 817.272.3066       Office: CoB 529B
Email: eprater@uta.edu
Research/Teaching Interests: Medical Systems, International Business, the Workings of Small- and Medium-sized Firms
James Campbell Quick James Campbell Quick
John and Judy Goolsby - Jacqualyn A. Fouse Endowed Chair in the Goolsby Leadership Academy, Distinguished Teaching Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior
PhD University of Houston, 1977
Phone: 817.272.3869       Office: CoB 617
Email: jquick@uta.edu
Research/Teaching Interests: Leadership, Executive Health, Organizational Behavior, Preventive Stress Management
Ritesh Saini Ritesh Saini
Assistant Professor of Marketing
PhD University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
Phone: 817.272.0221       Office: CoB 219
Email: saini@uta.edu
Research/Teaching Interests: Behavioral Decision Theory, with particular interest in situations where consumers face risky choices
Martin Taylor Martin Taylor
Professor of Accounting
PhD University of Texas, 1974
Phone: 817.272.3030       Office: CoB 431
Email: mtaylor@uta.edu
Research/Teaching Interests: International Accounting, Internal Auditing, External Auditing