UTA MBA Programs

The MBA Flexible Program with a Concentration in Accounting

The MBA with an Accounting concentration is principally concerned with the generation and use of information to aid managers in making financial decisions. Expertise in understanding and interpreting accounting information is important in a variety of settings. Accounting area electives are designed to provide students with skills in:
  • Understanding the transactions that are and are not reflected in corporate financial statements
  • Understanding the relation between accounting numbers and stock and bond prices
  • Understanding the role of taxes in business decisions
  • Using financial statement information and related disclosures in valuation and credit analyses
  • Developing and using cost information in business strategies

Career Options

A candidate with an MBA concentrating in Accounting could pursue a career as a/an:
  • Auditor
  • Accounting Manager
  • Corporate Accountant
  • System Consultant
  • Tax Consultant

Accounting Concentration Requirements

  • The student must successfully complete at least four upper-level graduate accounting courses in order to receive a concentration in Accounting.
  • These four courses are in addition to ACCT 5301 and ACCT 5302.
  • Graduate accounting courses offered at UTA are listed in the Graduate Catalog along with a course description and any prerequisite(s) for each course.
  • For the planned offerings of courses for the next two years, please see the Two Year Plan.
  • For registration purposes, the course schedule is available through MyMav.