UTA MBA Programs

The MBA Flexible Program with a Concentration in Information Systems

The MBA with an Information Systems concentration educates business professionals in the strategic use of technology to create shareholder value, i.e., the application of information systems to improve business processes and support business decision-making. Graduates of the program are prepared to lead twenty-first century organizations in a rapidly changing, globally competitive, technologically sophisticated environment. Those managers who understand IT and how it may be effectively used for competitive advantage will, themselves, have a competitive advantage in the employment market. Information Systems area electives are designed to provide students with skills in:

  • Understanding the design, construction, and control of information processing activities within an organization
  • Understanding the strategic role of information technology in rapidly changing business environments
  • Understanding the new business models and competitive strategies emerging from the electronic marketplace, enterprise modeling and business process analysis
  • Understanding database systems, and object-oriented modeling/programming

Career Options

A candidate with an MBA concentrating in Information Systems could pursue a career as a/an:
  • IT Manager
  • Systems Manager
  • IT Consultant

Information Systems Concentration Requirements

  • The student must successfully complete at least three upper-level graduate information systems courses in order to receive a concentration in Information Systems.
  • Graduate information systems courses offered at UTA are listed in the Graduate Catalog along with a course description and any prerequisite(s) for each course.
  • For the planned offerings of courses for the next two years, please see the Two Year Plan.
  • For registration purposes, the course schedule is available through MyMav.