UTA MBA Programs

The MBA Flexible Program with a Concentration in Marketing

The MBA with a Marketing concentration teaches students that marketing is the critical driving force of any successful organization. In focusing on the satisfaction of customer needs, marketing is fundamental to an organization's overall strategy. Marketing is the study of how to facilitate exchanges between one business and another and between business and consumers. Key marketing activities include designing new offerings, modifying existing offerings, pricing, logistics, sales management, and gathering market information. Marketing area electives are designed to provide students with skills in:

  • Understanding the skills needed to develop new product strategy, set prices, and devise an advertising policy
  • Understanding how to enhance distribution of products and services
  • Understanding how to stay on the cutting edge of trends, such as social media and Internet Marketing
  • Understanding the customer—who are they today and likely to be tomorrow, what do they want, and how do they decide what to buy

Career Options

A candidate with an MBA concentrating in Marketing could pursue a career as a/an:
  • Consumer Products Brand Manager
  • Industrial Product Manager
  • Advertising Account Executive
  • Account Supervisor
  • Services Marketing Consultant
  • Retail Manager
  • Sales Manager

Marketing Concentration Requirements

  • The student must successfully complete at least three upper-level graduate marketing courses in order to receive a concentration in Marketing.
  • These courses are in addition to MARK 5311.
  • Graduate marketing courses offered at UTA are listed in the Graduate Catalog along with a course description and any prerequisite(s) for each course.
  • For the planned offerings of courses for the next two years, please see the Two Year Plan.
  • For registration purposes, the course schedule is available through MyMav.