UTA MBA Programs

The MBA Flexible Program with a Concentration in
Operations Management

The MBA with an Operations Management concentration combines theory and current practice to prepare students for careers in manufacturing, service operations, or consulting. Operations Management focuses on activities necessary to produce and deliver products and services. Emphasizing quantitative and statistical models, students learn to make educated business decisions.

Operations Management area electives are designed to provide students with skills in:
  • Understanding how to apply analytical approaches to such issues as supply chain management and time-based competition, forecasting, just-in-time production, management of quality, and technology management
  • Understanding how to efficiently produce and deliver quality products and services on time to stay competitive
  • Understanding topics such as inventory management, quality control, capacity planning, production planning and control, logistics, supply chain management, and project management

Career Options

A candidate with an MBA concentrating in Operations Management could pursue a career as a/an:
  • Project Manager
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Logistics Planner
  • Manager of Manufacturing or Service Operations

Operations Management Concentration Requirements

  • The student must successfully complete at least three upper-level graduate operations management courses in order to receive a concentration in Operations Management.
  • These courses are in addition to OPMA 5361.
  • Graduate operations management courses offered at UTA are listed in the Graduate Catalog along with a course description and any prerequisite(s) for each course.
  • For the planned offerings of courses for the next two years, please see the Two Year Plan.
  • For registration purposes, the course schedule is available through MyMav.