Regulations Applicable to Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures
Code TX Citation FED Citation UTA Policy Description of Regulation Task Definition Contact Person Trigger Date Deadline Date
SPCC - 1 30 TAC 327 40 CFR 112.7   Oil Pollution Prevention: Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC) Requirement Ensure facility's conformance with rule, spill reporting and emergency procedures. The Plan is certified every 5 years with EHS serving as central coordinator. Environmental Manager    
SPCC - 2   40 CFR 112.7 (5) (c)   General requirements for SPCC Check for presence of and condition of secondary containment during monthly inspections. Safety Specialist-Storm Water First of every month End of each month
SPCC - 3 30 TAC 327.3 40 CFR 112.20   Notification requirements: Reportable discharge or spill. (This is a discharge or spill into the environment in a quantity equal to or greater than the reportable quantity in any 24-hour period) TCEQ must be notifed in the event of a reportable discharge. TCEQ (Region 4) contact number is 817-588-5800. Environmental Manager Ongoing  
SPCC - 4 30 TAC 327.4 40 CFR 117   Reportable quantitites: Lists reportable quantities for hazardous substances List of Reportable Quantities Environmental Manager Ongoing  
SPCC - 5 30 TAC 327.5 40 CFR 112.20   Actions Required in the event of a spill or discharge The appropriate actions would always be followed to mitigate the effects from a discharge or spill Storm Water Safety Specialist, additional EH&S Staff, Eagle (if needed) Ongoing When spill is contained and cleaned